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Big Sky Fans Finally Got The Intimate Jenny And Beau Scene They've Been Waiting For In The Winter Finale

To say that the "Big Sky" character Jenny Hoyt (Katheryn Winnick) has not had the best of luck in her love life would be quite an understatement. In Season 1, she not only struggled to deal with the fact that her estranged husband, Cody (Ryan Phillippe), was seeing his co-worker Cassie Dewell (Kylie Bunbury), but then she had to deal with her grief upon his disappearance and death. Season 2 saw her moving on, and beginning a physical relationship with Travis Stone (Logan Marshall-Green). But as she tried to connect with him on a deeper level, she realized he was not only emotionally unavailable but seeking revenge for a woman he obviously still loved.

Enter Beau Arlen (Jensen Ackles), the new temporary sheriff who is extremely easy on the eyes, with an easygoing, sensitive personality to boot. Fans immediately began to gush over Jenny and Beau, urging the writers to finally give the jaded private detective-turned-deputy a real chance at love. As the two built a friendship and good working relationship, fans hung onto every glance and hug between the pair. Patience seems to have paid off, as fans finally got the intimate scene they've been waiting for in the Season 3 winter finale.

Jenny and Beau almost kiss

After arresting the killer in their most recent case, Jenny headed over to Beau's trailer with a six-pack of beer, ready to connect. As she asks him if dealing with murder cases ever gets easier, he tenderly touches the side of her face, his fingertips lingering on her cheek. They gaze at each other silently and it seems as if they're about to kiss, until we hear the sound of a car pulling up, jolting them both out of the moment. "Bloody hell [Big Sky]," tweeted @militarymom4evr. "You give us this precious moment and all of [Ackles Nation] is holding their breath or talking to the TV saying, "FINALLY"! And just like that you took it away. Come on!"

Despite the interruption, fans were thrilled that the couple finally had this tender moment, which they'd been waiting for all season. For many, this moment confirms the couple is going to end up together. "I can't wait for them to get together!!" tweeted @captainswan58.

Showrunner Elwood Reid toldĀ TV Insider that the obstacles the two have had in regard to getting together will pay off by the end of the season. "It all goes towards earning those looks, earning any kind of physicality that may occur in the back half of the season, really earning it, and making the audience want to be there for it."