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M3GAN's Second Trailer Has Fans Hoping For A Future Showdown With Chucky

The second trailer for "M3GAN," Universal's new uncanny valley nightmare, doesn't leave much to the imagination. Produced by horror mavericks James Wan and Jason Blum, "M3GAN" is just the latest creepy collaboration between the two. Embracing the inherent camp of this movie about a murderous bodyguard CGI doll with killer dance moves, the second trailer for "M3GAN" delivers bombastic lines and flashy kills in equal measure, all scored to the insidiously creepy "Dolls" by Bella Poarch. It serves as a follow-up to the film's Taylor Swift-scored first trailer, which dropped in October and introduced M3GAN's cold, unfeeling eyes to the world, attracting attention from many horror fans, including Megan Thee Stallion.

In both trailers, the plot of "M3GAN" seems fairly straightforward. Tasked with protecting the young Cady from "both physical and emotional harm," M3GAN — a life-sized AI creation — becomes an effective companion for the child. Plus, as played by Amie Donald (with a hefty dash of CGI), she's blessed with both social intelligence and lifelike physicality. (M3GAN's voice, meanwhile, is provided by the actress Jenna Davis.) However, M3GAN begins to go too far in her quest to protect Cady and soon starts committing violence. She also engages in a demented dance break at one point, showing off Donald's real-life dance skills.  

But while all this could be leading up to another January mediocrity, fans online seem to be predicting otherwise. In fact, many are clamoring for a showdown between M3GAN and another famously murderous doll.

Fans want M3GAN to fight the OG Chucky

Though M3GAN is designed to be the same size as an actual child — thus dwarfing any Chucky that might cross her path — M3GAN maniacs are now asking for a M3GAN vs. Chucky movie. For proof, look no further than today's online chatter.

"Wait until Chucky hears about this," wrote one fan on Youtube after the trailer dropped. On Twitter, another fan shared an image of M3GAN and Chucky's faces together, writing, "I want to see them together so bad." Yet another wrote on YouTube, "Dude! THEY HAVE to do a Chucky VS M3GAN down the line! That s*** would be insane," before clarifying that the event would only work if it involved the "OG" Chucky. Another fan thinks there's decent franchise potential in having the two horror icons crossover, writing, "Can we have M3gan versus Chucky and then Annabelle turns up in the final act so they have to team-up?!?" 

Twitter user @Kirktastical insisted that M3GAN and Chucky should solve their hypothetical beef by having a dance battle, while another fan suggests that Chucky, who first debuted in 1988, would get absolutely destroyed by the technologically advanced AI. Of course, not all "M3GAN" stans think that the two should duke it out. One fan on YouTube declared M3GAN to be "Chucky's new sidekick."

Even critics think M3GAN and Chucky need to fight

A few lucky critics received the privilege of seeing "M3GAN" before its January release and even they have thoughts on the AI doll's potential beef with Chucky. "I need a M3GAN vs Chucky movie immediately!" tweeted out Fandango's Erik Davis. A similar sentiment was echoed by critic Shannon McGrew who tweeted, "I'm sorry, Chucky, but you ain't got nothin' on M3gan." The hoopla surrounding Chucky and M3GAN battling has become so loud that the Twitter accounts for both character have started taking shots at one another. 

In the wake of the second trailer, a fan told the "M3GAN" Twitter account that they plan on taking their Chucky plush to a viewing of the Universal film. The genius behind the "M3GAN" account promptly responded, telling the fan to throw the Chucky doll in the trash, alongside buckets of stale popcorn and flat soda. The official Chucky account hasn't been laying low either, saying there's "no competition" when it comes to him overpowering M3GAN. Could "M3GAN" crossover with the larger "Chucky" franchise? Both characters are now owned by Universal, which makes the likelihood of a showdown all the more possible. Speaking with ComicBook.com, Chucky creator Don Mancini confirmed that a crossover is possible, saying he wouldn't be opposed to M3GAN and Chucky sharing the screen.  

Nevertheless, fans will have to wait until January to see how "M3GAN" does in theaters and, subsequently, if it earns a sequel. But let's be real: All signs point to "M3GAN" becoming a cult hit.