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M3GAN's Back To Haunt Your Dreams In The Film's Second Horrifying Trailer

When distributor Universal Pictures premiered its first trailer for robot doll horror movie "M3GAN," viewers online were almost immediately intrigued. That first "M3GAN" trailer drew viewers in for a variety of reasons — some, for example, praised the track record of Blumhouse Productions, arguing that there's a distinct possibility its titular M3GAN robot (portrayed by Amie Donald and voiced by Jenna Davis) will find a place in the pantheon of great horror villains.

The moment that generated the most discussion from this trailer, however, is a brief shot near its end in which M3GAN dances through a hallway. M3GAN's dance effectively went viral on Twitter, where some users set the scene to new music, while others compared her favorably to cinematic monsters from films in years past.

Perhaps bolstered by the response to this first trailer, Universal has its sights set on a "M3GAN" sequel, even with its release still a ways away. For the time being, Universal premiered a second trailer on December 7, giving fans of M3GAN's hallway dance their first new look at the murderous doll since the previous trailer first made the rounds online.

M3GAN has new dance moves and new victims

Universal Pictures' second "M3GAN" trailer opens on Allison Williams' Gemma briefly explaining the M3GAN doll to her niece Cady (Violet McGraw), abbreviating a longer introduction to the film's titular doll from the previous trailer. Unsurprisingly, this sequence leads into footage of M3GAN and Cady dancing alongside one another, effectively promising viewers that the viral hallway performance won't be M3GAN's only dance scene.

Then, voiceover from Gemma explains that M3GAN is designed to protect Cady, as on-screen the robot doll bonds with her human counterpart. When Gemma claims that M3GAN isn't actually a person, however, Cady becomes angry.

After that, M3GAN starts to go rogue, freaking out Gemma and chasing a boy that bullies Cady, as showcased previously. The balance of this second trailer is comprised of M3GAN alternately behaving creepily and actively attacking her antagonists — including extended footage of the first trailer's viral dance scene set to a new musical passage — all of which is punctuated by Cady innocently asking Gemma if M3GAN happens to have done something bad. The trailer's final shot sees M3GAN sneaking up on an elderly woman in a backyard shed and attacking her with, of all things, a power washer.

Following Universal pushing its release date forward by a week, "M3GAN" will premiere in theaters on January 6, 2023.