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Twitter Wasted No Time With Hilarious Reactions To The M3GAN Trailer

When one releases a trailer featuring an exceptionally creepy doll, one should probably realize the internet is going to have some fun with said trailer, and it doesn't matter how unsettling the robotic doll can be. "M3GAN" is the latest horror endeavor written by James Wan, who has had previous experience with scary doll movies with 2019's "Annabelle Comes Home." However, instead of a doll possessed by a malignant evil, "M3GAN" is actually about a realistic android called M3GAN (played by Amie Donald, voiced by Jenna Davis), and its name is actually an acronym for "Model 3 Generative Android." In other words, M3GAN isn't just simply a doll, but instead an advanced prototype android with sophisticated artificial intelligence.

The trailer for "M3GAN" proved to be a huge hit with horror fans and starts off with a recently orphaned girl named Katie (Violet McGraw), who is given to her aunt Gemma (Allison Williams) for safekeeping. Completely overwhelmed by her new responsibility, Gemma decides to introduce Katie to her android project M3GAN and tells the robot to protect Katie from both emotional and physical harm. It's not exactly one of Isaac Asimov's Laws of Robotics, but it's one that quickly escalates in a fury of violence and childlike behavior from M3GAN while a remixed song from a popular artist plays. As mentioned earlier, despite the overall creepiness of the "M3GAN" trailer, social media users wasted no time in having a spot of fun.

Fans can't get enough of M3GAN's dancing

Converging on Twitter, several users made jokes involving the main antagonist of "M3GAN." User @cxrodge posted a clip of the M3GAN robot dancing to a Beyonce song and joked that the doll Annabelle has 24 hours to respond. Similarly, @Yonklerr made fun of M3GAN's dance moves by posting a short clip of Leonardo DiCaprio doing some very loosey-goosey gyrations from "The Wolf of Wall Street," and said that this is what M3GAN looks like before she kills somebody. User @SuperYakiShop quipped, "Really sorry I missed the meeting, I was busy trying to learn the M3GAN dance."

Of course, the fun didn't stop there, and @boyishcharmnyc posted a clip of a man absolutely freaking out with excitement, and said, "the crowd when [Taylor Swift] brings out m3gan to perform 'it's nice to have a friend' with her on the midnights stadium tour." User @MatchaFierce shared an image of the infamous baby from the "Twilight" franchise and joked that the baby walked so M3GAN could run.

Even the official Twitter account for the "Chucky" television show decided to jump into the conversation, which posted a GIF of the Chucky doll dancing, and stated, "tell her to call me when she can do this." This caused @notcaptainamerica to reply, "Chucky and #M3GAN dragging each other on Twitter is f****** sending me. We need Michael Myers and Freddy Krueger to start tugging on each other's wigs next."

With the kind of responses "M3GAN" has already invoked, the chatter is sure to reach a fevered crescendo when the film is released on January 13, 2023.