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Brendan Fraser Sets The Record Straight On How To Pronounce His Last Name

How embarrassing is it to realize, after way too much time has passed, that you have been pronouncing/repeating something totally wrong? For example, one can crumble to the floor, wrapped up in a ball of cringe, the moment they learn they've been singing their favorite song with lyrics that actually only exist in their own head. Another tough one to take is realizing that you've been pronouncing someone's name wrong for years. This may be the case for some fans when it comes to Brendan Fraser, as they may have been mispronouncing his last name for a while now. 

It's not like fans haven't had ample time to get Fraser's name pronounced correctly. He's been in the Hollywood spotlight since his career took off over three decades ago when he starred in the 1992 comedy film "Encino Man." Following that, movies like "School Ties," "Airheads," and "George of the Jungle" helped propel him toward being one of the industry's top leading men. Of course, his career hit an even great height when he signed on to star in "The Mummy" franchise. After an extra-extended break due to wanting more family time and dealing with medical issues, Fraser is now back in the spotlight, thanks to his new film "The Whale." Therefore, this seems like the perfect time to set the record straight on how actually to pronounce Brendan Fraser's last name.

Brendan Fraser really wants you to get his name right

Little by little, Brendan Fraser has been stepping back into the Hollywood scene, especially now with his new film, "The Whale." And if you haven't clearly known how to pronounce his last name by now, it's time you learn. One way to get it right is to listen to the name as it's being pronounced clearly, to a crowd. Using this tactic, it's best to hear how he was officially announced when being introduced as host of "Saturday Night Live" back in 1997. Here, he is introduced clearly by then-announcer Don Pardo as Brendan Fraser, pronounced Fray-zor (rhymes with razor). Of course, if you still can't be sure by that example, it's probably best to hear it right from the horse's mouth.

Not too long ago, the YouTube channel Xay posted a reaction to a video solidifying the correct pronunciation of Fraser's last name. While watching a dug-up video clip from a Comedy Central promo, Fraser introduces himself while quickly acknowledging not only the correct way to say his last name but revealing he is fully aware of how often people get it wrong. "Hi, I'm Brendan Fraser; you're watching Comedy Central," he had said in the promo. He continued through irritated teeth, "That's Fray-zor, not Fray-shur. If you say Fray-shur, I know where you live." Well, if there's one type of person who should make sure to get that name correctly, it should be trophy presenters, as his performance in "The Whale" may result in some nominations come award season.