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Teen Titans' 12 Most Memorable Moments Ranked

From the moment Starfire crashlands in Jump City in "Teen Titans," the titular team has a special bond. Whether they're saving the world from their superhero HQ in Titans Tower, playing video games on their giant viewscreen, or strutting their stuff on their obstacle course, the Titans seem to love spending time together. Although they're all quite different from one another (Raven is the brooding introvert, Starfire is the bubbly one, Robin tends to take himself too seriously, while Cyborg and Beast Boy just want to have fun most of the time), their differences make them stronger as they grow together while battling bad guys.

Beginning its life on Cartoon Network, the show ran from 2003 to 2006. We got five seasons and a movie in that time, meaning the Teen Titans went up against a bunch of different villains, shared a whole lot of pizza, and made a ton of memories. From heartbreaking losses to epic fight scenes, here are the most memorable moments in "Teen Titans," ranked.

12. Terra and Beast Boy's date

From the moment the Teen Titans first meet Terra in the desert, Beast Boy is smitten with the geokinetically gifted girl, who charms the team with rock-wielding heroics while luring an oversized insect into a trap. He's so flustered when she first says his name that he shape-shifts into a turtle and finds himself completely tongue-tied, but Terra finds him funny right from the start. While Raven and Robin feel a bit hesitant about opening up Titans Tower to the new kid in town, Starfire, Cyborg, and Beast Boy are practically falling over each other to invite Terra to stay with them. As they continue to bring Terra into the fold, she and Beast Boy really hit it off, which makes it that much more disappointing for the green guy when she leaves after struggling to control her powers.

When Terra unexpectedly returns to the Teen Titans having mastered her powers, she's ready to put the past behind them — she left angry with Beast Boy having come to believe that he revealed the extent of her power struggles to the others. She joins the team and fits right in with the rest of the crew, and her rekindled relationship with Beast Boy turns especially sweet when they spend the evening bonding over apple pie and hanging out at an abandoned amusement park. After all of the flirting and implied romance between Robin and Starfire, it's nice to see someone else get the girl for a change — even if that romance doesn't last very long.

11. Sparks fly between Jinx and Kid Flash

When the Teen Titans first encounter the adorable pastel goth girl Jinx, she's running with the troublemaking teens of H.I.V.E. Academy, living a life of petty crime. But Jinx is too cute to stay on the bad guys' side. It's clear from the Titans' first few interactions with her that she's among the smarter of her peers. We first catch a glimpse of Jinx's potential when she buddies up with Cyborg while he's undercover at H.I.V.E. Academy posing as supervillain-in-training Stone, and it's clear that there's some chemistry brewing between the two. However, it's a different hero that makes Jinx switch sides.

After leaving to form her own band of petty criminals, the sassy sorceress finds herself frustrated at the lack of cooperation from her less-than-professional colleagues. A Madame Rouge fangirl, Jinx hopes to beef up her cred with Rouge and the Brotherhood of Evil. She goes out on a museum raid with the group — which consists of See-More, Gizmo, Mammoth, Billy Numerous, and Kyd Wykkyd — but her plans get sidetracked when Kid Flash shows up. Kid Flash and Jinx hit it off, and their blossoming romance provides all the impetus Jinx needs to switch sides and become an Honorary Titan.

10. More Ravens to love

Among the Teen Titans, Raven is the most solitary soul — and for good reason. Because of her demon dad, she has to work extra hard to keep the troubled parts of her psyche locked away. If anyone has a good reason to keep their friends out of their private thoughts, it's Raven. But when Beast Boy and Cyborg start messing around in her room — despite her constant warnings to keep out — they end up entering her headspace via a magic mirror. They find themselves trapped inside a strange and surreal realm with changing skies and surroundings, filled with flocks of demonic ravens.

Since Cyborg's sensors tell him they haven't left Titans Tower, he and Beast Boy don't know what to make of the labyrinthine void at first. When they finally encounter Raven, she's dressed in pink and in an unsettlingly bubbly frame of mind. Not long after she leaves them, they encounter another Raven dressed in graphite who shrinks from them in fear when Beast Boy snaps at her for leaving them alone. She vanishes, and then a green Raven arrives, this one super brave.

When the Ravens finally appear together, Cyborg realizes that they are in a physical manifestation of Raven's mind, encountering every component of her personality individually. When the red "emoticlone" (which represents anger) threatens her friends, all the other Ravens come together and fight it. Orange (rudeness), Yellow (knowledge), Violet (love), and Brown (sloth) all join forces to create White Raven, who represents balance.

9. All the Titans attack together

Under the direction of The Brain, the Brotherhood of Evil starts targeting young superheroes. Robin and the gang decide to get ahead of the problem by enlisting all of their allies as Honorary Teen Titans, giving each new member his or her own Titans communicator. When the crafty Brotherhood turns the tables by using the communicators to find and nab the young heroes, freezing them with Professor Chang's machine and placing them on display like trophies, it momentarily seems like the battle has been lost. However, the odds change with the arrival of more backup Titans. Under the leadership of Beast Boy, the reinforcements save the day, releasing their colleagues.

The bad guys quickly come to realize that it was a mistake to store all of the frozen heroes together. The extended community of Titans ends up fighting against the Brotherhood, with all of their superhero abilities on full display in the ultimate boss battle. The sight of Jinx and Kid Flash fighting together alongside the other Titans as they go head-to-head with Madame Rouge and the remaining H.I.V.E. Five is the cherry on top of this epic superhero fight scene.

8. Starfire and Raven bond

The one Teen Titan who struggles with social interactions is Raven. Like most introverts, she finds it difficult to understand the behavior of her more outgoing friends, and she can even find their interactions overwhelming at times. At the same time, understanding an introvert can be just as challenging for the extroverts in their life. Sometimes, the key to finding common ground between the two personality types is trying to see things from the other person's perspective, which is exactly what happens in the "Teen Titans" episode "Switched."

After the Puppet King takes over the bodies of Cyborg, Robin, and Beast Boy, it's up to Starfire and Raven to save the day. But when Raven's magic has an unintended side effect, they have to learn to see the world from each other's point-of-view — literally. In true "Freaky Friday" tradition, the pair switches bodies, and they learn a lot about each other in the process. While Starfire's powers harness the energy of her positive feelings, she learns that Raven has to remain in control of her emotions at all times. At the same time, Raven gets a taste of what it's like to walk a mile in her friend's shoes, and they end up closer because of the experience.

7. Terra betrays the Titans

From beginning to end, Terra's tale is one of the most emotional storylines in "Teen Titans." The Titans are happy to welcome her into the fold after she returns with a newfound control over her geokinetic abilities, and the teens quickly bond with her, even giving Terra her own bedroom. Terra's relationships with all of the Titans bloom, but she grows especially close to Beast Boy. This makes it that much worse that Terra's betrayal comes to fruition while she's out on a special date with him. While Beast Boy and Terra are getting cozy at the amusement park, a hostile takeover is underway at Titans Tower. As it turns out, Terra was in cahoots with Slade all along and her return was a ploy to gain access to the Tower.

When Slade party-crashes the date, he tells Beast Boy: "The girl you knew was merely an illusion. A fantasy. In reality, she's been working for me." Promising to teach Terra to control her powers, Slade had taken her under his wing. The Titans are left reeling from this betrayal — especially the devastated Beast Boy, who tells her: "Slade was right. You don't have any friends." Later, in a final display of regret, Terra saves the Titans, turning herself into stone with her sacrifice. It's a gut-wrenching moment for the characters and the viewers alike.

6. Raven learns the prophecy

Like most superheroes, several Teen Titans have their share of emotional baggage to contend with. Starfire has a cruel big sister, and Robin lost his parents, but it's perhaps Raven who carries the biggest weight of them all. The child of a trick played on her mother after she joined a cult, Raven has to struggle daily to repress the anger and intensity emanating from her demonic DNA. At Raven's birth, the monks of Azarath believed that she would herald an apocalypse, a prophecy that Slade would later take advantage of.

When a resurrected Slade appears bearing the Mark of Skath, he declares to Raven that he has a message for her. Raven's body lights up with the same mark, and she receives a vision of the End of Days — being brought about by her. It's a shocking scene, and one of the most memorable moments in the history of the show.

Believing that this fate cannot be avoided, Raven chooses to keep the dark secret to herself, carrying the burden alone as her friends continue fighting crime while blissfully unaware of what the future holds. It's yet another reminder of how much inner strength Raven has to muster every day.

5. Robin and Slade join forces

Next to the Brotherhood of Evil, Slade is the Titans' biggest nemesis. Over the years, he tries all manner of ploys to sabotage the Teen Titans, employing Cinderblock, Plasmus, the H.I.V.E. Academy, and Thunder and Lightning in his efforts, not to mention his attempts at apprenticeships with Red X and Terra. Slade even uses nanobots to force Robin onto Team Slade at one point, leaving his friends stunned at his behavior until they realize what's going on. Knowing how much trouble Slade has given the Titans through the years, it seemed impossible that he would eventually join forces with them. However, even Slade has his limits, and those limits are letting someone like Trigon destroy the world.

Slade's deal with Trigon was never going to work out in his favor. With the demon's return, it soon becomes clear that Trigon is hellbent on destruction rather than domination, and he clearly has no intention of honoring his word to Slade. Not one to let such a betrayal lie, Slade switches allegiances mid-conflict, joining Robin and the Titans in their efforts to send Trigon packing. After all that they've been through, it's exciting to see their powers working in tandem for the greater good — even if Slade's reasons are ultimately self-serving ones.

4. The Titans team up with the Doom Patrol

Before joining forces with Cyborg, Starfire, Raven, and Robin, Beast Boy honed his shapeshifting powers with the Doom Patrol, the crime-fighting team made up of Mento, Negative Man, Robot Man, and Elasti-Girl. Beast Boy's personal approach to crime-fighting ended up putting him at odds with his first crime-fighting team, especially after he went against the wishes of leader Mento mid-battle.

Having parted ways with his first team under less than cordial circumstances, Beast Boy is surprised when he receives a Doom Patrol distress call. The call leads Beast Boy and the Teen Titans into the Amazon jungle, where the Brain is threatening his former team with a quantum generator. As the two-episode story progresses, Beast Boy has a chance to resolve his relationship with the Doom Patrol. Eventually, in one of the show's most memorable moments, the two teams work together to take down the Brotherhood of Evil — for a time, at least.

3. Robin stops Starfire's wedding

The relationship between Robin and Starfire has been a special one ever since he freed her from her shackles after she crash-landed on Earth. Whether they're watching the sunrise together or bonding over cotton candy, they've shared numerous touching moments. Although Robin doesn't feel as comfortable talking openly about his feelings as Starfire does, it's clear that he has affection for her. When Starfire unexpectedly announces she's leaving to fulfill her arranged marriage obligations on her home planet of Tamaran, all of her friends are stunned and emotional, especially when it becomes clear that the groom she's intended for is hardly a catch.

Robin takes the news hardest. It's clear from the moment the friends land on Tamaran that Starfire's sister Blackfire is forcing her into the miserable arrangement, and Robin tries desperately to convince her to back out. As the Titans begin to realize there's a more nefarious plot at work, with Blackfire at the center of it, Robin tries to crash Starfire's wedding, shouting her name before he's halted by Blackfire's minions.

Hearing Robin calling her name is enough to shake Starfire into action, with the defiant Titan declaring, "I do not" when Blackfire asks if she wishes to take "this thing" as her husband. This is a truly memorable moment, especially for fans of the characters involved — seeing Robin risk everything to stop the girl he loves from a life of misery is enough to make any Robstar shipper smile.

2. Raven defeats her father

Imagine how much pain and suffering Raven had to endure while quietly fretting over the foretold future in which she brings about the ultimate destruction of mankind. It would be a lot for anyone to handle, but it's got to be especially hard when you're a half-demon who has to repress her inner evil through constant meditation, banishing it to a bizarre dreamscape hidden in a mirror. Raven has to come to terms with all of those things when Slade's prophecy comes to fruition and she becomes the key to bringing Trigon into the world. As Raven is half-human on her mother's side, she isn't destroyed completely by the process, but she's left inside of a powerless child's body with no recollection of what has happened.

Ever the leader, Robin takes Raven under his wing and helps her find her identity as they travel to rejoin the others. Later, while watching her friends battle Trigon, Raven finds her inner strength, restoring herself — and her powers — so that she can take on her father in a final, epic showdown. Her defeat of Trigon restores the world to what it was before his reign of terror and Raven is able to finally move on, free of his hold over her and knowing that she will never be anything she doesn't want to be. It's an empowering moment, and without a doubt one of the most memorable in the history of the show.

1. Terra forgets

After Terra's shocking betrayal of the Teen Titans and her emotional sacrifice to save her friends, it's hard to believe Beast Boy could endure much more suffering. He's forced to revisit all of those painful emotions when he encounters a familiar face after returning from the Teen Titans' showdown with the Brotherhood of Evil. When the Titans return to Jump City, grateful to be back home after months on the road, they are stunned to find that it has undergone significant changes, with many of their favorite spots now relocated or gone. While taking all of those changes in, Beast Boy spies someone he believes to be Terra — but she doesn't seem to know him at all.

After confirming that the Terra statue is now missing, Beast Boy convinces the schoolgirl to spend some time with him, but this powerless girl seems to have nothing in common with the one he once knew. After Slade suggests Beast Boy should just let Terra move on with her life, Beast Boy visits her one more time before letting it go, realizing that she's better off in her new life rather than living with the heartache she's had to endure. As sad and tragic as the moment is, it's easily the most memorable in the series.