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The Boys Spinoff Gen V Brings The Blood In First Trailer

"The Boys" are back... kind of.

With Marvel Studios and DC dominating both the big and small screen and capitalizing on the cultural conversation, it's no surprise that Amazon's Prime Video decided to join in on the superhero fun. Throwing truth, justice, and the American way out the window, Jeff Bezos' streaming project decided to go the cynical, brash route. With executive producers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg on board alongside "Supernatural" helmer Eric Kripke in tow, the streaming giant put its focus on adapting Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson's "The Boys" into a serialized playground.

Debuting in 2019 to critical acclaim, "The Boys" is set in a jaded, corporate-fueled world where superheroes are real. While a facade is maintained that heroes are quality, up-standing citizens, they're nothing more than degenerate, vengeful corporate tools who function as marketing vehicles for the Vought conglomerate. While "The Boys" focuses on a team of vigilantes who want to bring the entire corporation down, Prime Video's upcoming spinoff is giving fans a different taste of the super-heroic and chaotic world.

Created by "The Boys" writer Craig Rosenberg, "Gen V" will focus on Vought International's Godolkin University, which serves as a training ground for heroes in their early days. Details are ultimately slim on the series, but all signs point to the diabolical spinoff functioning as the perfect accompaniment to "The Boys." With Season 4 of the mainline series still in production, Prime Video has decided to treat fans with the first look at Gen V, and it looks like a bloody good time. 

A-Train, Ashley, and more will pop up in The Boys spinoff

Prime Video decided to surprise fans at Brazil's CCXP on Saturday with the first look at "Gen V," the highly-anticipated "The Boys" spinoff. The trailer, set to a grooving rendition of Royal Deluxe's "I'm Gonna Do My Thing," later made its way online.The first look at "The Boys" spinooff kicks off with lead star Jaz Sinclair's Marie Moreau arriving at Godolkin University, a post-secondary school created by Vought International to train the most promising super-powered young individuals. Of course, this is a Vought organization, meaning there's no pep rallies and economics classes to be found. Instead, those with powers will be competing with one another to get a passing grade. 

The trailer continues with shots of the university vandalized, armed guards on stand-by, and bloody students in dorm bathrooms. As the "Gen V" trailer ramps up, fans are treated to brief but welcome looks at some of the most memorable "The Boys" characters. The director of the in-universe "Dawn of the Seven" Adam Bourke (P. J. Bryne) is seen dropping a chef's kiss, while everyone's favorite PR head-turned-Vought CEO Ashley Barrett (Colby Minifie) delivers a look of shock and disgust. Later, the Seven member and former Godolkin University alumni A-Train (Jessie T. Usher) is seen at a press event, likely working in conjunction with the university.

In typical "The Boys" fashion, the rest of the trailer is dedicated to chaos, guts, and gore, juxtaposing shots of students partying with images of heroes murdering armed guards and other students. While the trailer is light on details, it does make for a great introduction to the expanded world of "The Boys."

"Gen V" begins streaming on Prime Video in 2023.