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Law & Order: SVU Showrunner Teases Rollisi's Relationship Status As Kelli Giddish Bids Farewell

Ever since "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" fans learned Kelli Giddish's final episode would be December 8, there's been an anxious countdown as to how her character, Amanda Rollins, will leave the show. "NOT READY TO SAY GOODBYE TO ROLLINS! Like I'm so so so sad she is leaving. I hate dick wolf," wrote u/Top-Cookie1041 on the "SVU" subreddit. Some viewers have been blaming the show's creator and executive producer, Dick Wolf, for her leaving. David Matthews, a former story editor for the show, spoke up on Giddish's departure with a tweet that seemingly confirmed the suspicions.

But while viewers are upset that Giddish is leaving the show, they're also split when it comes to showrunner and executive producer Julie Martin tweeting "#Rollisi will have a happy ending. Stay tuned." Fans have noticed the lack of screen time Peter Scanavino's Dominick Carisi has been getting, and continuing an off-screen romance with Rollins doesn't sound like it'll increase his presence. "Carisi is already a non-entity on the show these days, and if they move to him having an offscreen romance with a perpetually absent Rollins, it'll just intensify his lack of anything resembling a storyline," wrote u/AurynOuro on the subreddit.

With Giddish's exit now looming right around the corner, "Law & Order: SVU's" showrunners have weighed in on the relationship status of the couple.

Martin says the couple will be stronger than ever

Rollins and Carisi may have shared their first kiss in the Season 22 finale, but they've only been officially a couple since early 2022 when they finally told Benson (Mariska Hargitay) and Rollins' kids in Season 23, Episode 13 ("If I Knew Then What I Know Now"). Despite this, showrunner Julie Martin told TV Insider that, when Giddish's last show airs on December 8, the couple "end the episode stronger than ever."

Fellow showrunner David Graziano also talked about the episode and where Rollins' future lies, telling TV Insider that she decides to leave the department and "try her hand at teaching" forensics psychology to college students. He also admitted he hoped "Kelli will continue in the Dick Wolf universe," though that may be wishful thinking if Giddish was ousted from the show.

Many fans believe Rollins' 'happy ever after' involves a wedding between her and Carisi. "Pretty sure we're getting a wedding and then she's out. That's probably the best we can hope for," wrote u/ravenqueen7 on a subreddit. "Given that they have known Kelli is leaving all season, I really wish they would have thought ahead and had a proposal episodes ago," wrote u/nannysing. There's obviously still some frustration as to why there wasn't some build-up or preparation for the couple this season, but overall, fans are relieved that Giddish isn't getting killed off. And who knows? Maybe Professor Rollins can make some future guest appearances.