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Looper Asks: Which Character From Last Man Standing Can You Really Not Stand? - Exclusive Survey

"Last Man Standing" aired first on ABC and then on Fox for a run of nearly 200 episodes across 9 seasons released between 2011 and 2021. Throughout its near-decade-long existence, series lead Tim Allen actively worked as a popular sitcom star for the first time since the conclusion of "Home Improvement" in 1999. Fox ended up canceling "Last Man Standing" during its ninth season, bringing the show to a definitive end after surviving some considerable difficulties prior.

One of the first problems the show ran into was the departure of Alexandra Krosney after "Last Man Standing" Season 1. In that season, Krosney portrays Kristin Baxter, the oldest daughter of Allen's Mike Baxter. Amanda Fuller then plays Kristin for the balance of the show. Subsequently, characters originally portrayed by Nick Jonas and Molly Ephraim were likewise recast while "Last Man Standing" was still on the air. Allen even struggled with Kaitlyn Dever's departure from the show's full-time cast after Season 6, at which point ABC nixed "Last Man Standing," only for Fox to pick it back up.

That "Last Man Standing" could survive so many shake-ups is testament to its popularity among its particular fanbase. That said, its principal characters are sometimes difficult people, getting on one another's nerves, albeit to comedic effect. With that in mind, Looper set out to figure out which character fans of "Last Man Standing" find the most irritating.

Fans of Last Man Standing think Ryan Vogelson is the show's most annoying character

Looper surveyed 605 fans of "Last Man Standing" in the United States, asking which of the show's principal characters they most cannot stand. Coming in first place was Ryan Vogelson (Jordan Masterson), netting 22.81% of all votes. Ryan, notably, is the character whose political values conflict most with those of Tim Allen's Mike, hence why fans of the show might find him irritating.

In second place, with 19.17% of the vote, was Kristin Baxter. Kristin is Mike's wife, suggesting that fans take the most issue with their family unit in particular. Then, in third place, netting 18.84% of the total vote was Ed Alzate (H├ęctor Elizondo), Mike's best friend and close business partner. Mike himself trailed not far behind, earning 17.19% of votes.

Finally, 11.57% of voters chose Mike's employee and son-in-law Kyle Anderson (Christoph Sanders) as the most irritating, while youngest daughter Eve Baxter (Kaitlyn Dever) came in last place with 10.41% of votes. Though these two characters "lost" the poll, their total vote counts are nevertheless not insignificant, suggesting at least a certain contingent of viewers finds these characters particularly annoying.

Of course, now that "Last Man Standing" is over, some of these fans may well prefer to become reacquainted with Ryan or whomever their least favorite character may be than for the show to remain off the air for good.