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James Gunn Knows How Badly DC Fans Want To See Booster Gold

As if "Black Adam" premiering and changing the hierarchy of power in the DC Universe wasn't enough, DC fans were treated to some intriguing behind-the-scenes news around the same time. In October 2022, it came to light that director James Gunn and producer Peter Safran had come together to helm DC Studios: a newly-established subdivision of Warner Bros. Discovery committed to keeping the world of DC organized and headed in a positive direction. That means the duo will oversee both live-action and animated television as well as cinematic endeavors from here on out.

In the weeks since Gunn and Safran's new job responsibilities were revealed, fans have kicked their speculation about the future of DC media into high gear. As Gunn and Safran put the finishing touches on the DC Universe Bible, fans have voiced their hopes that characters like Lobo and Mr. Terrific are indeed on their way to film or TV projects — as hinted by Gunn himself. They also have their fingers crossed that comic book favorite Booster Gold could get a spotlight of his own in the coming years. Come to find out, Gunn is well aware of fan demand to see him take center stage.

Via social media, James Gunn has noted that he's well aware of the fandom Booster Gold has cultivated for himself.

Gunn finds the love for Booster Gold fascinating

As Twitter continues to fall apart at the seams, James Gunn and many others have jumped to the new social media platform Mastodon. Nevertheless, Gunn still pops up on Twitter now and again to communicate with the masses. On one particular instance, he addressed fan desire to see Booster Gold join the newly-dubbed DCU — the DC Universe, formerly known as the DC Extended Universe. "Booster was the MOST requested character when I asked people on Mastodon what character they'd most like to see on screen. I'm not creating stories by public vote, but I found it fascinating nevertheless," Gunn wrote.

Created in 1986 by artist Dan Jurgens, Booster Gold has become a standout among DC readers. Real name Michael Carter, the egotistical show-off from the future has stood front-and-center for numerous noteworthy DC stories, even joining up with the Justice League for a time. However, when most folks think of the character, they're reminded of his longtime friendship with Blue Beetle, aka Ted Kord. While it's unknown if Kord will join the DCU in the future, the Jaime Reyes version of Blue Beetle will in his own 2023 big-screen adventure. Could we see him and Carter team up at the movies down the line? Only Gunn and Safran know for sure.

The future is indeed bright for the DC Universe, and for fans of Booster Gold, one can only hope that future includes him in some form or fashion.