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Andor Season 2 Will See A Big Time Jump

Season 1 of "Andor" has come to a close, and with it, we've witnessed the first stage of Cassian Andor's (Diego Luna) transformation from interplanetary thief into galactic revolutionary. It's been a compelling journey, aided by performances and direction that have proven popular with fans and critics alike. The first season currently has a 93 percent "Certified Fresh" rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

Unfortunately, we already know that we are going to have to wait sometime to watch the next phase in Cassian's evolution and the rest of the events that lead up to "Rogue One." The latest news is that Season 2 won't be dropping until 2024, and there's no word on exactly when in 2024 that would be. We do know that much of the cast and characters from Season 1 will be returning, including Cassian, Luthen (Stellan Skarsgård), Bix (Adria Arjona), Saw Gerrera (Forest Whittaker), and Syril Karn (Kyle Soller), among others.

Past that, details of the plot remain, predictably, under tight wraps. But creator and executive producer Tony Gilroy has confirmed that the timeline of "Andor" is about to get somewhat sped up. Speaking with Collider, he said of the Season 2 premiere, "It'll be a year later after what you just saw. [A] great deal has happened in the interim."

Season 2 will cover larger spans of time

Showrunner Tony Gilroy has previously clarified that "Andor" was intended to be a two-season series (via Deadline). This means that, if the show is meant to cover a full five years in Cassian Andor's arc, and if the first season covered a sequence of events that only amounted to maybe a few months, there was always going to be a lot of ground to cover in Season 2, even with a whole year skipped after the end of Season 1.

The Collider article mentions that Season 2 will cover roughly a year per three episodes. If that season ends up being twelve episodes long like Season 1, this means we are going to be shown about four years of each character's arc — the machinations that lead directly into the showdown between the Galactic Empire and the Rebel Alliance, and ultimately the events of "Rogue One." This basically confirms that a great many developments expected by fans to fill in the gaps between –- from the reprogramming of K-2SO to the completion of the Death Star –- will be coming our way in this final season. In the meantime, the entire first season of "Andor" is now available to watch on Disney+. It is also coming to broadcast and cable.