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Young Sheldon's Raegan Revord Has A Heartwarming Connection To Snowflake

For Raegan Revord, being a child actor hasn't been that hard. According to an interview with Channel 9, Revord has been acting and modeling since age four, so there wasn't a huge transition when she started working on "Young Sheldon." She said that she did have to switch from public school to homeschooling, but most of her friends are in show business, so they didn't treat her any differently once she got a role on a television show. In fact, in an interview with ET, Revord rejected the typical narrative around child stars, saying that her role on the show has been a positive influence in her life.

That being said, Revord is still a child. In an interview with Meaww, Revord described the soundstage they film "Young Sheldon" on as a "big playground" for herself and co-star Iain Armitage when they're not shooting. In an interview with It Girl, Revord revealed that she and Armitage enjoy pranking the show's crew, particularly one member of the costume department who is easily spooked when the two child actors hide behind things to jump out and scare her.

Revord has been known to carry her white, stuffed dog Snowflake everywhere, with the stuffed dog even being visible on Missy's bed in a few background shots on the show. But the story behind the dog is absolutely heartwarming.

Snowflake was a gift from her great-grandmother

In another interview with Channel 9, Revord was asked about her stuffed animal Snowflake, and she gave the adorable and heartwarming story of the stuffed dog. "So my grandmother collected antique stuffed animals. ... And I got Snowflake when I was five. And my great-grandfather brought it to my nana's house after my great-grandmother had passed away. And so it was my Christmas present. ... But she's been used a lot, so she's not more as Snowflake as she is Dirtflake." She even revealed to the interviewer that she had Snowflake sleeping in her bed at the hotel that very moment.

Snowflake has become somewhat famous amongst "Young Sheldon" fans, especially since Revord loves to post the dog on Instagram. In a 2018 post on Instagram, she showed off Snowflake getting a "makeover," meaning that she put a little blonde wig on the dog in an adorable photo. In a 2018 tweet, Revord showed herself sleeping in a Harry Potter robe next to her beloved Snowflake. In a 2019 Facebook post, Revord revealed that Snowflake sits on her lap for most dinner scenes and scenes that don't require the camera to see her from below chest level. So it would seem that would make Snowflake an unofficial cast member on the show, or at the very least a part of the crew as Revord's emotional support animal.