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Here's When You Can Stream Black Adam At Home

In a move that should surprise both comic book and movie fans, Warner Brothers Pictures has decided to make the highly anticipated superhero film, "Black Adam," available to stream at home merely one month after its theatrical release. This action-packed feature, which connects to another DC title, 2019's "Shazam!," originally hit theater screens on October 21, 2022. With it, not only came impressive box office numbers but also fans giving a solid stamp of approval. Dwayne Johnson stars in the title role, Black Adam, who is seeking revenge on the modern world after being imprisoned in an ancient tomb nearly 5,000 years ago.

When sitting down with CBS Mornings, Johnson explained how his desire to play this role stems way back to his childhood comic book-reading days. "When I first saw a 'Black Adam' comic book, on the cover, he looked intense, he had brown skin, and he was a superhero," he said. "I said that's my guy. I want to be him." Johnson goes on to explain how this latest DC installment also introduces four other superheroes in this one film. "We are now going to usher in a new era in the DC universe," he proclaimed. Of course, for those ready to jump on board with this new era, a watch of "Black Adam" is required. And as mentioned, that step is now easier, with it becoming available to stream at home.

Black Adam is now available on two streaming platforms

Box office numbers reflect that plenty of fans have already flocked to the theaters to see Dwayne Johnson's new DC superhero film, "Black Adam," which was released a month ago. Now (per Screen Rant), Warner Bros. has released the thrilling movie for viewers to take in at home via streaming. The surprisingly quick theater-to-couch jump now allows fans to watch (or rewatch) "Black Adam" on multiple digital platforms. Streaming outlets Amazon Prime and Google Play are offering the film to own for $24.99 or to enjoy as a 48-hour rental for $19.99. For those who would prefer to add a box to their non-digital library, Warner Bros. also announced a January 3, 2023 release date for a Blu-ray and DVD purchase.

This fast turnaround from theaters to digital streaming is in complete contrast to the length of time "Black Adam" took to go from its initial development stage to this final product. In fact, Johnson continued with CBS Mornings, explaining how the movie was nearly 10 years in the making. Back then, Johnson said the studio asked him, "Hey, we know you love 'Black Adam,' but is there any other superheroes in the DC world that you'd be interested in becoming?" Johnson revealed, "I said no, thank you, but no. It has to be Black Adam." Well, now fans have a finished product and also a new way to enjoy it from the comfort of home.