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Shazam! Set Photo Reveals First Look At Zachary Levi In Costume

Say the magic word, and he'll appear.

The first photo from the set of Shazam! that shows off star Zachary Levi in costume as the DC Comics hero has emerged — and while it's not the greatest angle, it does provide us our best look yet at the upcoming adventure from Warner Bros.

The photo was posted on Reddit's DC_Cinematic subreddit by a user named vivaelsam, and shows Zachary Levi in the center of the frame in full costume with his back to the camera. Check it out here.

Unlike the recent reveal of Brie Larson's Captain Marvel costume, this one looks more or less exactly how you'd expect it to, with bright, bold colors to the fabrics and jet black hair for Levi's coiffure. We're only seeing the back of him, but even in this less-than-ideal shot, the getup makes Levi look like he just leaped off the pages of a comic book. He appears bulky and larger-than-life, which is pretty much perfect for a movie pursuing a tone along the lines of Superman meets Big.

The candid photo also reveals a set that looks reminiscent of an indoor shopping center at Christmas, a kitschy locale that says little about the movie, plotwise, except that it might take place around the holiday.

The movie's director, David F. Sandberg, previously stated on Reddit that the official Shazam suit reveal was "around the corner", and suspected the release of official photos would follow quickly on the heels of any clandestine shots like this one. Now that an amateur shot of the outfit is out in the wild, you can expect a studio-approved image of the suit to be released soon.

One thing's for sure — we're a long way away from the dark-toned outfits of Batman v Superman. Between this look and the reportedly splendid recent test screening of Aquaman, could Warner Bros. DC movies finally be on the cusp of seeing a brighter day?

Along with Levi as the adult lead, Shazam! stars Asher Angel as the young protagonist Billy Batson and Mark Strong as the movie's villain, Dr. Sivana. You can expect the movie to be out in theaters on April 5, 2019.