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Nida Khurshid Doesn't Mess With New Orleans Spirits While Filming The Winchesters - Exclusive

It's difficult to walk a single block in the heart of New Orleans without passing some kind of structure with a haunted history. The city is brimming with ancient graveyards — with plenty of powerful voodoo practitioners having called the city home to their final resting place. As a result, there's a palpable magic in the air that demands reverence. Yet if you don't know what you're doing in the occult department, it's best to steer clear of messing with any of the magic or spirits the city has to offer (unless we're talking about massive $12 margaritas). 

Given the historic nature of NOLA, it's only natural that the "Supernatural" spinoff "The Winchesters" would choose to shoot in the area. New Orleans is one of few places in the States that can pass as the '70s. In an exclusive interview with Looper, Nida Khurshid (Latika) discussed filming the show in NOLA and why she doesn't mess with any local spirits.

Respecting the NOLA spirits

On how filming in New Orleans enriched the spooky elements of the show and if she ever felt anything paranormal in any of the old cemeteries or old buildings, Khurshid told Looper, "New Orleans has been such an epic character in our show in itself. We do film in a lot of old buildings and cemeteries, and there is a lot of energy that you can feel around at all times."

Yet though the vibes are ever-present, Khurshid sets some clear boundaries with any lingering entities that may be prowling around. "But as much as I love having that energy around, I'm also very respectful of that. I wouldn't want to bring unwanted energy for no reason," she explained. "Anytime I go into a space, I'll bring my sage or palo santo and respectfully cleanse the air and the energy and be like, 'I respect everything that came before me. I just don't want to interact with any of it. Thank you very much. Let's break a leg.'" 

Well, it's safe to say that Khurshid won't be helming a real-life hunting team, but she's more than happy to leave it to the professionals. 

New episodes of "The Winchesters" air Tuesdays on The CW.