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The White Lotus' Meghann Fahy Teases The Possibility Of Daphne Being The Killer

While the first season of "The White Lotus" took viewers to the shores of Hawaii, the latest episodes bring us to a resort on the beaches of Sicily. Season 2 is very different, thanks to the new setting, and there's another batch of upper-crust guests checking in. However, the main question on everyone's mind is the same: who is the killer this time around?

We quickly learn about the new characters and their various motivations, including Ethan (Will Sharpe) and Harper Spiller (Aubrey Plaza), who are on a couples vacation with Cameron (Theo James) and Daphne Sullivan. Played by actress Meghann Fahy, Daphne doesn't seem like she's capable of being so ruthless and cold-blooded ... at first. Daphne, who's rarely seen without an Aperol spritz in her hand, initially comes across as simple-minded and privileged. She acts as a foil for Harper, who can't seem to simply let go and enjoy herself. Each exchange between the two exemplifies the cracks in their marriages, laying bare their faults and desires. Just when we think we know what to expect from Daphne, a scene between the two characters in the most recent episode hints that there might be more to her than meets the eye. According to Fahy, Daphne is a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Meghann Fahy hints at who the killer is on this season of The White Lotus

Episode 3, titled "Bull Elephants," gives us a closer look at the couples by separating them. While Ethan and Cameron remain at the resort, Daphne and Harper stay at a lavish palazzo for the night. In separate scenes, the men and women discuss martial power plays. Daphne reveals that she knows Cameron has cheated on her in the past, but she copes with it by doing what she wants, whenever she wants. During a recent appearance on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," Meghann Fahy said that Daphne's mindset shows a lot about her character's true colors.

"It's like a turning point, I think, for sure. Because the first two episodes you're sort of meant to think she's simple and just like a housewife," the actress explained (via YouTube). "Then I think [in Episode 3] you kind of realize there's a little bit more spooky stuff going on."

During the interview, Kimmel theorized that Daphne is actually the killer and the actress jokingly agreed. Although it's entirely possible that Fahy could be telling the truth, there's no way of knowing the killer's identity for sure until we reach the last episode. Daphne is the one who found the bodies in the water in Episode 1, so it will definitely be a big twist if she turns out to be the culprit. The actress' comments only prove that you can't underestimate anyone on this season of "The White Lotus."