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Theo James Promises A Very Different White Lotus For Season 2 Thanks To The New Setting

When "The White Lotus" premiered on HBO in 2021, the series received acclaim for its star-filled cast, clever plot, and cutting cultural commentary. The series was both biting and insightful in exposing the benefits of white privilege in contrast to the staff at the titular resort who must bend over backward to accommodate the show's group of guests. This was an ensemble acting triumph, with Connie Britton (Nicole Mossbacher), Murray Bartlett (Armond), Jake Lacy (Shane Patton), Sydney Sweeney (Olivia Mossbacher), and Jennifer Coolidge (Tanya McQuoid) all delivering stellar performances. 

At the 2022 Emmys, "The White Lotus" won 10 trophies, including outstanding limited series, outstanding supporting actor in a limited or anthology series or movie for Bartlett, and supporting actress in the same field for Coolidge. The success of the series led HBO to renew it for a 2nd season, but instead of continuing the same storyline, it will remain a limited series in anthology format (per The Hollywood Reporter). This will allow "The White Lotus" creator/writer Mike White to tell all-new stories about the bourgeoisie with different settings and plotlines in each installment. Theo James is a new cast member for the 2nd season and has promised a very different vibe for the next outing thanks to its fresh setting.

Theo James says Season 2's Italian setting will inform the story and its themes

English actor Theo James (the "Divergent" series) recently spoke with The Hollywood Reporter about what to expect from the new installment of "The White Lotus." James stated, "The Italian of it, the location of it, changes what it is existentially. It's about the clash of Americana meets European meets Sicilian and Italian." The actor then shared how this dynamic would play out amongst the characters, saying, "It's about sexual politics, it's heavily about gender and gender roles. Obviously they were peppered in but they were different themes in the first season, whereas I think this season those are the predominant themes and Mike tackles them in the way he does so well. It's funny but it's also quite hyper-political and very rich in social satire."

This matches comments showrunner Mike White has made about the new season in terms of what themes could be explored. In an August 2022 interview with Deadline, he said, "It definitely feels like 'White Lotus'; the theme is different. It's not about power dynamics, more men and women and sexual politics." With these revelations, fans of the program should prepare themselves for more social satire, new and uniquely absurd situations, and another round of incredible acting.