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What Is The Song In Amazon's 'Early Black Friday Holidays: Lonely Yeti' Commercial?

Amazon's ad campaign for their Early Black Friday Holidays promotion includes a pretty hilarious "Lonely Yeti" commercial that features a hip '80s song playing in the background.

People skip ads all the time, and certain individuals who subscribe to streaming services might miss out on all of the fun-filled promos airing during commercial breaks. There is seldom a dull moment in the assortment of brief yet impactful video ads that viewers continue to witness. But it isn't just what is seen that gets people's attention. If anyone has ever wondered why certain music is chosen for certain promotional materials, the answer has been thoroughly researched. After conducting a study, Nielsen Entertainment's Julanne Schiffer concluded that "Popular songs, for example, are the most effective at invoking some kind of emotional response." With that in mind, it makes sense why they chose Lil Nas X's "Montero (Call Me By Your Name)" track for a Logitech Super Bowl commercial, as well as why the Migos song "Position to Win" would get played in a Moutain Dew commercial.

A catchy melody goes a long way when there is only a short window to get the message across to consumers, and the folks at Amazon have made sure to include that crucial ingredient in their ads for their Early Black Friday Holidays event. The "Lonely Yeti" promotion is concise, humorous, and also contains a pretty groovy tune.

The song in the Lonely Yeti commercial is Okay okay by Pino D'Angiò

The "Lonely Yeti" ad features the titular creature all by his lonesome in cold, snowy solitude (via YouTube). But when he discovers that Amazon has must-see Early Black Friday deals, the lonely snow monster is able to get the hairdryer he needs to be the biggest attention-getter at a lavish party, which is successfully accomplished, all while the 1981 track "Okay okay" by Pino D'Angiò is playing in the background. The ad that's been playing since the beginning of November was confirmed to have the '80s song in the mix by Commercial-Song.net.

"Okay okay" has over 900,000 views on YouTube, with one user commenting, "This feels way ahead of it's time. It's timeless." The artist who performed the alleged timeless classic is none other than Italo disco artist Pino D'Angiò who is also known for his 1980 song "Ma Quale Idea." While that song sold 2 million copies in Europe (via LiveOne.com), it seems that "Okay okay" continues to get played, especially in Amazon ads seen by millions of people, and is probably yet another track that arguably deserves a place among his greatest hits selections.

Newer songs definitely get played a lot, particularly in advertisements, but that doesn't mean old-school tunes aren't getting love as well from the advertising realm. Whether it is Etta James' "Security" in a Google Security promo or D'Angiò's "Okay okay" playing out to the party entrance of a glamorous Yeti, when the right piece of music is paired with the perfect ad, it doesn't matter what era a song was created in.