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Yellowstone Breaks A Ratings Record With Its Season 5 Premiere

"Yellowstone" has become Paramount's Western answer to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The Taylor Sheridan-created series doesn't have capes, but it's been proven to have just as much potential as those end-of-the-world comic-inspired tales. There's already been one spinoff/prequel in the form of "1883," and another is on its way, "1923." Add to this the potential of another "1883" prequel and a "6666" spinoff, and you've got a seemingly unstoppable show. 

"Yellowstone" has never earned the kind of accolades other top-rated dramas have. It has only one Emmy nomination since debuting in 2018, via IMDb. This has not stopped the series, though, from being a ratings behemoth. The fourth season finale for "Yellowstone" earned a whopping 9.3 million viewers in live-plus-same-day viewership, per Deadline.

"Yellowstone" only just premiered its 5th season with "One Hundred Years Is Nothing," and it's proving once again just how in demand this Western soap opera really is. "Yellowstone" Season 5 introduces fans to an even darker world than previous seasons, with John Dutton (Kevin Costner) being pushed into the world of politics to save his family ranch and a Dutton civil brewing between Beth (Kelly Reilly) and Jamie (Wes Bentley). Audiences appeared to love the Dutton drama because the 5th season premiere broke a ratings record. 

The Yellowstone Season 5 premiere was the show's biggest

The premiere of "Yellowstone" Season 5 ("One Hundred Years Is Nothing") brought in 12.1 million live and same-day viewers, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Those numbers marked an approximate 10% jump over the "Yellowstone" Season 4 premiere ("Half the Money") and consist of airings on Paramount Network, CMT, TV Land, and Pop. The premiere won gains across all demographics, including a 52% increase among 18-34-year-olds.

"Yellowstone" Season 5 did benefit from simultaneous broadcasts on Pop, CMT, and TV Land, while the Season 4 premiere did not. A total of 8.8 million viewers tuned into "Yellowstone" on Paramount Network, which is 800,000 more viewers than the 4th season premiere grabbed up on the network. The big Season 5 increase stands as the highest premiere for a scripted series this year.

It should be noted that this is not the first bump in viewership "Yellowstone" has seen. Unlike a lot of dramas where the public's interest seemingly dwindles over the years, "Yellowstone" has managed to grow its base. The 8 million viewers the premiere for "Yellowstone" Season 3 ("You're the Indian Now") brought in was a massive 104% increase over the "Yellowstone" Season 2 premiere ("A Thundering"), via Deadline