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The Masked Singer Fans Are Heartbroken After Leslie Jordan's Final Appearance

Actor Leslie Jordan's death in a car crash in late October was a devastating blow for fans everywhere. "What he lacked in height he made up for in generosity and greatness as a son, brother, artist, comedian, partner and human being," said Jordan's agent in a statement to Vulture. A number of touching tributes have already come out since the actor's untimely death at 67, including at the end of the October 27 episode of "Call Me Kat," the Fox sitcom that Jordan had been acting on at the time of his death. "Forever a part of the Fox family," wrote a caption at the end of the tribute to the actor on "Call Me Kat."

One of the other Fox shows that Jordan became known for is "The Masked Singer," a show he's appeared on as both a singer and as a guest panelist when they've needed someone to fill in. On November 9, "The Masked Singer" aired their final episode with guest judge Leslie Jordan, who filled in while Ken Jeong was out with COVID (via Hello). Also helping Jordan fill in was another guest judge, Jeong's "Community" co-star Joel McHale, which Jordan talked about in one of his final talk show appearances on "The Jennifer Hudson Show" about a month before his death. "He's 9 feet tall," the actor joked. "And I'm standing there beside him. And he just rendered me mute. I couldn't even speak. I had such a crush on him." Jordan did seem a little quieter than usual in his final guest appearance, so now fans know why.

After "The Masked Singer," Fox aired another tribute to the late actor, this time focusing on his time on this particular show.

Fans got to see one last Masked Singer with Leslie Jordan

Following the episode was a tribute to Leslie Jordan, highlighting his most memorable moments on "The Masked Singer," including his performance as Soft Serve and his wacky antics as a guest panelist. "There will never be another Leslie," wrote the show's official Twitter account, tweeting out the same tribute that aired after the episode. "Tomorrow's episode of #TheMaskedSinger is dedicated to him." For fans of the comedic actor, seeing him make one last appearance as a guest panelist, followed by the tribute, was enough to push them to tears.

Fans mourned Jordan's death on social media with his final appearance. "One last appearance by Leslie Jordan on #TheMaskedSinger is a gift," wrote @VintageWingnut1 on Twitter. "R.I.P. Leslie Jordan," wrote @2020Cringey. "Watching tonight's episode of #TheMaskedSinger just for you." Another user, @NyreePilonreads, wrote, "This episode will be bitter sweet but at least we will get to see Leslie one more time here on The Masked Singer." So even if Jordan did find it difficult to talk in the presence of Joel McHale, fans were just happy to find that there was one more episode with Jordan on the show and that the show paid proper tribute to the "Call Me Kat" actor at the end.