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Fox Airs Touching Memorial To Leslie Jordan During Call Me Kat

On October 24, 2022, the entertainment world was hit with the devastating news that prolific actor and comedian Leslie Jordan had died. At the age of 67, Jordan was involved in a fatal car accident that was believed to be brought on by an undisclosed medical emergency. In the aftermath of this news reaching the public, colleagues from across the entertainment world, as well as Jordan's countless fans around the globe, came together to celebrate his life and career — a career that spanned decades and screens big and small.

In addition to taking part in numerous stage productions, Jordan became a semi-regular face at the movies. Some of his most noteworthy titles include 1993's "Jason Goes to Hell," 2000's "Sordid Lives," and 2011's "The Help," among others, but he really hit his stride on television. From "Will & Grace" to "Ally McBeal" to "American Horror Story," the Chattanooga, Tennessee-born actor proved as versatile as he was funny. What would become his final television credit, "Call Me Kat," premiered in 2021, courtesy of Fox and creator Darlene Hunt.

To honor the memory of Leslie Jordan, Fox aired a touching memorial to the late Hollywood icon during a recent episode of "Call Me Kat."

Jordan more than left his mark on Fox programming

During the October 27, 2022, episode of "Call Me Kat," Fox aired a loving tribute to Leslie Jordan, as seen above. The 30-second montage takes a look back at Leslie's presence on Fox by featuring clips of his appearances on a variety of programs. "The Masked Singer," "Fantasy Island," "LEGO Masters," "The Cool Kids," and more all featured him in some form or another, and they were all better for it. "I'm a big believer in celebrating every moment," he said in a scene from "Call Me Kat," closing out this emotional retrospective along with a message from Fox stating that he'll always be a part of the Fox family.

On "Call Me Kat," Leslie Jordan took on the role of Phil: the head baker at Kat's (Mayim Bialik) cat café who would get up to all kinds of hilarious hijinks from episode to episode. As Season 3 of the program continues to unfold, we know that Jordan will appear in nine episodes overall (via The Hollywood Reporter), though the original plan was for him to appear in every single one. To honor Jordan's passing and likely amend the story going forward, production on "Call Me Kat" Season 3 has paused for the time being. It has yet to come to light when the team will resume putting together new episodes.

Leslie Jordan did a little bit of everything during his incredible lifetime, leaving his mark on Fox productions and numerous others from across Hollywood. He is and will continue to be sorely missed.