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Interview With The Vampire Fans Are Completely Blown Away By The Finale

Breathing new life into the enduring mythos of vampires and their tragi-romantic appeal for audiences, AMC's "Anne Rice's Interview with the Vampire" finally treated fans to a pulse-pounding finale after its seven-episode Season 1 run.

As a refurbished version of both the author's original classic novels and the 1994 film adaptation, the series gifts horror buffs with an expanded realm of vampire lore and personalities to explore. Taking full advantage of its episodic TV format, the show is able to invest more time to unpack the complexities of the franchise's undead and mortal characters and reaches beyond the existing storyline to introduce entirely new personas and settings

From spotlighting the LGBTQ+ elements of the saga to redirecting focus to emphasize racial themes, the new AMC venture manages to remain basically faithful to Rice's foundational material while pumping fresh blood into each episode's action. While the series clearly took some chances with the updating of the story, fans appear to be pleased with how "Interview with the Vampire" wrapped up its initial season on AMC.

Fan were thrilled with how Interview with the Vampire closed out Season 1

Continuing to examine the complex, emotion-charged vampiric dynamic between Sam Reid's Lestat de Lioncourt, Jacob Anderson's Louis de Pointe du Lac, and Bailey Bass's Claudia, the series finale accelerates the interplay of this trio's dangerous energies to its dangerous climax. While Lestat's cruelty is well-known, the final episode reveals he's not unique in this regard, as Claudia wants him dead and now she and Louis are forging ahead with a scheme to make that happen. And even though the ultimate success or failure of their plan is left up in the air, fans nonetheless found the concluding episode totally fulfilling.

Applauding the finale on Twitter with a hat-tip to one especially unforeseen character revelation, @jds_1988 wrote, "Season 1 was impeccable. 10/10 — Also, that reveal at the end of the finale ... chefs kiss. Can't wait for season 2!" Tweeter @ThatBeardoAdam agrees that the installment is a winner, declaring: "Damn! The season finale for #InterviewWithTheVampire did not disappoint! What a stellar show it has been and the finale episode of the season goes out with a big bang and an excellent set-up for next season. Love it!" And for Twitter fan @mbbmdymm, the last episode of "Interview with the Vampire" is so well done it actually left them a bit of a wreck, tweeting that the "finale was so good I'm an emotional mess," appropriately accompanied by a vampire-teeth-biting-a-heart emoticon.