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Fans Are Thrilled To See Aubrey Plaza Join The MCU In WandaVision's Agatha: Coven Of Chaos Spin-Off

The "WandaVision" spin-off "Agatha: Coven of Chaos" has been much anticipated since its announcement in 2021. Wanda's (Elizabeth Olsen) overly-cheery and nosy neighbor Agnes became the best part of just about every scene she was in, and made Kathryn Hahn very popular amongst fans. When she was revealed to be none other than Agatha Harkness, mentor and sometimes rival to Wanda's Scarlet Witch, we knew we would be seeing more of her.

Since then, dribs and drabs of info have made their way to us from Disney+ Day or at San Diego Comic-Con regarding the shooting schedules, premiere dates, and casting. The most recent bit of news is that April Ludgate herself, Aubrey Plaza, would be joining the cast. Plaza, of course, has shown herself to be a versatile comedic actor since the end of "Parks and Recreation," most recently in the critically acclaimed series "The White Lotus." The notion of her off-kilter deadpan thrown into the mix with Agatha's own eccentricities certainly piques interest.

Fans seem to agree, too. Some are simply hoping to see Plaza finally take the role she, apparently, was born to play. "LET'S GOOOOO" tweeted @itsjustanx, accompanied by a picture of Plaza in a witch outfit. Meanwhile, over at the r/marvelstudios subreddit, under a post announcing that Plaza will be joining the MCU u/russketeer34 commented "Aubrey's basically been campaigning to be a witch her entire career, glad it'll be here."

This won't be Aubrey Plaza's first time as a Marvel character

Other commenters were quick to point out that this isn't Plaza's first time around the Marvel block. Plaza played the Shadow King, a primary antagonist on FX's Noah Hawley-helmed "Legion." Though not technically considered part of the MCU, the show reimagined its titular Marvel mutant antihero in an alternate timeline from the "X-Men" film series. Though there's no word on which character Plaza will be playing on "Agatha," it seems that some are eager for her to play the villain once again.

"It's cool that she may be playing a villain in this show," commented Redditor u/cbekel3618. "Legion showed how good she can be in a super-villain role." On Twitter, @Sorrosyss outright hoped that Plaza would bring her portrayal of the Shadow King into the MCU.

There has not, however, been any mention of exactly what role Aubrey Plaza will be playing. In fact, as Deadline emphasizes, Marvel has pointedly refused to get specific. "Details about Plaza's role are being kept under wraps," wrote Nellie Andreeva, "but she is believed to be playing a villain opposite Hahn and [Joe] Locke." Emma Caulfield is also confirmed to be reprising her "WandaVision" role of Dottie, aka Sarah Proctor.