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The Sensitive Storylines In Chicago Med Were Some Of Torrey DeVitto's Favorites

Like any medical drama, "Chicago Med" covers sensitive topics. Although the camaraderie of the doctors working at Gaffney Chicago Medical Center and the romances between people are the show's primary focus, a common thread in any medical show is the sick people coming in and out of the hospital. Each episode brings new patients and challenges to the emergency room, leaving the doctors to decide the best course of action. Some people might watch medical dramas for predictability, while others tune in for romance and drama. However, the actress who plays Dr. Natalie Manning finds herself drawn to the more nuanced plot lines.

Actress Torrey DeVitto portrayed Natalie until the character's departure in the Season 7 premiere. Aside from her ill-fated romance with Dr. Will Halstead (Nick Gehlfuss), Natalie is a conscientious doctor with the utmost respect for her patients' lives. With her kind heart and intelligence, Natalie's skills were an asset in many difficult situations. She's kind-hearted and resourceful in difficult situations, qualities that make her one of the most likable characters on "Chicago Med." DeVitto identifies deeply with her character and even says that she's scarily similar to Natalie in real life. Thankfully, DeVitto approaches the more sensitive storylines with the same grace as her fictional counterpart.

Torrey DeVitto likes it when her character is confronted with hard-hitting topics

If you're a longtime fan of the show, then you'll know that Dr. Natalie Manning isn't afraid to break a few rules if it's in her patient's best interest. Another critical aspect of Natalie's character is her passion, which comes in handy when arguing the merits of life-saving procedures. She was even arrested in Season 5 because of her steadfast commitment to saving lives. In an interview with Glitter, Torrey DeVitto was asked which "Chicago Med" storylines are her favorite, and her response demonstrates how similar she is to her character.

"I feel like our show hits so many topical, important storylines, and I do feel like Natalie gets to play out some of the best ones," the actress told the outlet. "I love that she has had moments of talking about equality amongst male and female doctors in the workplace. She had a moment of fighting with ICE about immigration injustice issues. I do feel like the writers use her a lot to play out very important story points, which I am always honored to be a part of."

When it comes to the show's more involved plot lines, DeVitto's conviction elevates her performance. Out of all the characters on the show, it makes perfect sense that Natalie would be the writer's top choice when dealing with the more tactful subject matter.