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Stargirl To End After Season 3 At The CW

DC's "Stargirl" is a delightful look at young superheroes (and supervillains) trying to live up to their predecessors' legacy, while having to face a whole bunch of dangerous, highly experienced threats. Even in The CW's traditionally well-stacked deck of superhero TV shows, the fresh-faced approach of Courtney Whitmore (Brec Bassinger) and her Justice Society of America friends has stood out with its combination of levity and genuine danger. Season 3 has taken things to the next level by keeping its Big Bad hidden, opting instead for a murder mystery and strange spy cameras that haunt the characters. 

As intriguing as the conclusion to this mystery will no doubt prove to be, it looks like the story is coming to an end on November 16. Not just the story of Season 3, mind you — the season 3 finale, Frenemies – Chapter Eleven: The Haunting," will be the last episode of "Stargirl" altogether. Let's take a look why the show is ending at the CW. 

Stargirl is one of many The CW shows to come to an end

The end of "Stargirl" after the conclusion of its third season isn't just a matter of the story reaching its end. According to Deadline, the show has been cancelled, though it appears that the makers of the show were forewarned with enough advance notice to make arrangements. As such, while "Stargirl" is coming to an end, Season 3 will likely end with a proper series finale, as opposed to a great season-ending cliffhanger that'll never be resolved.

The CW's new ownership has caused fans to worry about the network's future as of late, and judging by the fact that "Stargirl" is just the latest in a fairly long line of cancellations, there might be something afoot. Season 3 of "Batwoman" was also its last one, and Arrowverse fan-favorite "Legends of Tomorrow" was also cancelled in April 2022. Add that to the pile of shows like "The Flash" itself, "Nancy Drew," and "Riverdale," and it appears that The CW is doing some fairly heavy-handed cleaning.