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Stephen Colbert Reveals His Picks For The Next Daily Show Host

"The Daily Show" is considered such a reliable fixture of Comedy Central that it's nearly impossible to think of the network without it. For 26 years, viewers have become accustomed to the show's delivery of current events filtered through a comedic lens. It's one of the few programs consistently traversing the middle ground between entertainment and education. But before the end of the year, "The Daily Show" will experience a massive shift. It was recently announced that current host Trevor Noah is slated to leave "The Daily Show" on December 8.

Noah, who came in after Jon Stewart left the show in 2015, announced his departure in September, noting that he plans to return to stand-up comedy full-time. Naturally, the news has sparked numerous rumors and speculation on who will now follow the host. There is a wealth of charming comedians who should be on the short list to succeed Noah, but if you're specifically looking for the opinion of a former "Daily Show" correspondent, then current "Late Show" host Stephen Colbert may have you covered.

Colbert mentioned Roy Wood Jr., Jessica Williams, and Amber Ruffin

On "Hell of a Week with Charlemagne tha God," Stephen Colbert said that he likes the idea of Roy Wood Jr., Jessica Williams, or Amber Ruffin stepping up as hosts of "The Daily Show," all solid choices given their collective experience. Wood, who humorously picked at Trevor Noah after the host mentioned him during his official departure announcement on "The Daily Show," is a current correspondent.

Williams appeared on "The Daily Show" as a correspondent from 2012 to 2016, having the chance to be a part of both the Jon Stewart and the Noah era. Since leaving the series, Williams has gone on to some impressive Hollywood success, which Colbert brought up with Charlemagne, specifically her role as Eulalie "Lally" Hicks in the "Fantastic Beasts" movies.

Meanwhile, Ruffin may not have served as a correspondent on "The Daily Show," but besides hosting her own project on Peacock, "The Amber Ruffin Show," the comedian also worked as a writer for "Late Night with Seth Meyers" from 2014 to 2019. We'll have to wait until early next year to see just who Comedy Central chooses. At this point, however, we could see more than one host. The network is reportedly considering having a rotating set of hosts, which would be a first for "The Daily Show."