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Daily Show Correspondent Roy Wood Jr. Has One Question For Trevor Noah Regarding His Surprise Announcement

On Thursday, September 29, Trevor Noah announced that he would be leaving "The Daily Show" after seven years as its host. This came as a surprise to not only viewers and fans but also staff members and executives, who found out when the South African native announced his decision to the public (via The Hollywood Reporter).

"I was chatting to Roy Wood Jr. yesterday when we finished the show, and he reminded me that it has been seven years since we started 'The Daily Show' with Trevor Noah," he began (via "The Daily Show"). After reminiscing about the past, thanking the audience, and expressing gratitude for the opportunity he was given seven years prior, Noah segued into the point he was attempting to get across: "And then I realized that after the seven years, my time is up ... but in the most beautiful way, honestly."

In a "Between the Scenes" segment on Tuesday, October 4, Noah, the third comedian to host the show, further elaborated that after two years of the pandemic and restrictions, he wanted to use his time to explore other avenues. "There's one thing in life that you never get back, and that's time," Noah said. "You can never get it back. People say things like 'time is money.' No, it's not. Time is time."

While the announcement was met with sadness from the audience, it also spawned an outpouring of love from fans. However, one of his correspondents had some words reserved for the 38-year-old comedian.

Roy Wood Jr. had some words reserved for Noah

Also during the episode that aired on October 4, comedian Roy Wood Jr., who has been a correspondent on "The Daily Show" since Trevor Noah took over as host in 2015, expressed hesitancy to speak to him again (via "The Daily Show"): "I'm scared to talk to you right now because last time you and I had a conversation, you decided to leave the show. I shouldn't even be talking to you. You're liable to leave during the next commercial break. We're probably talking too much right now."

Noah seemed genuinely amused by the 43-year-old correspondent's playful rebuke, which went on with Wood Jr. questioning, "Why'd you bring my name into it when you quit?" The "Daily Show" correspondent also commented on Noah having hung out with music star "Dua Lupita" the night before, as if she had been behind the host's decision to step back from the Comedy Central series.

While no official date of departure has been revealed, it is fair to assume the comedian will give time for executives to find a new host to succeed him before saying goodbye to the show that has been his home for seven eventful years. As he said, he's not going anywhere anytime soon, so that will also give fans time to come to terms with the end of the Noah era.