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The One Mia Queen Plotline Arrow's Katherine McNamara Needs Resolved In The CW's Remaining DC Shows - Exclusive

Before Katherine McNamara donned a corset on "Walker Independence" as Abby Walker, she played Oliver Queen's daughter, Mia, in the Arrowverse. Sadly, fans never got the intended Mia-centric spin-off "Green Arrow & The Canaries" that would follow Mia as she carries on the Green Arrow mantle following her father's death (via SYFY). As we know now, the Arrowverse as we know it is no more, and there's one major plotline that the franchise set up that sadly never got a resolution — but McNamara would love to change that in one of The CW's DC series that are still on the air.

Looper spoke to McNamara during an exclusive interview for "Walker Independence," where she named the one "Arrow" plotline she would love to have resolved in the remaining DC shows on The CW. She also discussed where she'd love to see her character go in the future and how to challenge her.

Mia Queen is special to McNamara

Though her run as Mia Queen is over for now, Katherine McNamara wouldn't hesitate to appear in any of The CW's current DC shows. "If you need a Green Arrow, throw that sigil up in the sky, and I'll come a running — any chance to throw that suit back on again," she said. "Mia is such a special character to me and always will be."

McNamara isn't shy about how grateful she is to have been a part of the "Arrow" legacy. "It means a lot and it's been an honor and a privilege. I take it very seriously, that responsibility," she added. "Put me in all of them. I would love to dive back in and participate in any iteration. There's a part of me that cannot rest until I find William. I can't leave a Queen child out there floating in the Arrowverse without resolving that story."

She doesn't just want the story to continue for herself. McNamara noted, "The fandom deserves it, and ... I love Ben Lewis so much and I can't stand that he's missing, and we haven't resolved this storyline, but I keep campaigning for it as much as I possibly can. I have zero control over the matter, but if I have any say in the matter, I will find William."

The many faces of Mia Queen

The cool thing about the current DC shows on The CW is the possibility of exploring AU versions of beloved characters since nothing is connected. When asked if she'd like to play around with an AU version Mia, Katherine McNamara said, "Some of the aspects we saw in [the 'Armageddon' episode of 'The Flash'] were very interesting. Mia is very much this lone wolf, and she has a hard time opening up to people and has a hard time being on a team. She grew so much while she was on 'Arrow.'" Fans watched Mia Queen go through quite a lot during her tenure in the Arrowverse, but McNamara still sees options to continue Mia's arc a bit further.

"Then, we saw her a year later, having been so obsessed with the hunt for her brother and so consumed by her guilt in the matter. Seeing where that pushes her and seeing her on that precipice is interesting," McNamara continued. "Getting to push that a bit farther, given whatever has happened to William, might be harrowing, but also might open up some new colors to Mia."

Yet there's one aspect of Mia that deserves more exploration. McNamara noted, "I would like to see Mia find some love. She's very lonely. She needs a hug, somebody to love her. She's caught between the two Diggle brothers, and who knows, maybe there's someone else out there in the Arrowverse."

"Walker Independence" airs Thursdays on The CW, with episodes streaming on the website the next day.