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Keke Palmer Has A Wonderful Pitch For A Will Smith Action-Comedy Team-Up

For fans who have followed Keke Palmer's career since earlier projects like "Akeelah and the Bee" and Nickelodeon's "True Jackson, VP," 2022 has felt like a rewarding year. She's not only managed to thrive but has done so while taking on a variety of roles. Besides starring in the "Big Mouths" animated spin-off "Human Resources," Palmer also had notable roles in Disney's "Lightyear" and Jordan Peele's UFO horror film, "Nope." There's no denying she's got an impressive range, especially in dramatic and comedic fare.

It appears Palmer's eyes are more focused on the latter, with the actor expressing a desire to star in an action-comedy alongside Will Smith (via Variety). Smith's career has remained quiet since the infamous Oscar slap heard around the world earlier this year, and even before that, many of his roles were veering away from straight comedy. However, that didn't stop Palmer from naming him as someone she'd like to work with in making moviegoing audiences laugh. She even already has a pitch.

Keke Palmer pitched a project similar to Look Who's Talking

Given the breadth of genres that both Keke Palmer and Will Smith have acted in, the two could probably do any type of film together. But Palmer's proposal seems too good to pass up. The actor told Variety that if Smith is game on doing more comedic films, she's got some intriguing ideas, including one that would essentially see them team up similar to "Lethal Weapon" or "Ride Along." "[I'd like to do] an action-comedy of some sort, kinda like a haphazard duo that shouldn't be together but we are together," Palmer said. "Maybe I'm like a know-it-all punk and he kind of shows me the ropes."

Palmer's pitch has the makings of a buddy cop blockbuster, to which Smith is no stranger. Some of the actor's biggest movie hits, including "Bad Boys" and "Men in Black," fall within the genre. But it's Palmer's other idea for their team-up that seems like a fantastic gamble. "I'm good for — not a reboot, an original but conceptual similarity to 'Look Who's Talking,'" she told Variety. "I'm ready to be Kirstie Alley. Let's go!" In the 1989 film, Alley plays Mollie, a single mother who enters into a romantic relationship with a cab driver named James (John Travolta). But the kicker is that the audience can understand Mollie's infant son, Mikey, whose inner voice is provided by Bruce Willis. The concept of "Look Who's Talking" is already wild; we could only imagine what a new original film in the same spirit could deliver.