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Kat Coiro Recalls The Wild Way Charlie Cox Did His Own Stunts In She-Hulk - Exclusive

The following article contains major spoilers for the "She-Hulk" finale. 

You can take Charlie Cox out of "Daredevil," but you can't take the Daredevil out of Charlie Cox. After the mass Marvel series cancellations on Netflix, it was unclear what might happen to these beloved characters and the worlds they built.

Luckily, Disney resolved whatever rights snafus prevented the shows from joining the MCU, and Cox made his first MCU appearance in "Spider-Man: No Way Home." From there, we've seen characters like Kingpin appear in "Hawkeye" — and Cox made his most recent MCU cameo(s) in "She-Hulk." Without missing a beat, Cox picked up right where he left off on "Daredevil," expertly doing difficult stunt work and donning the suit that fans haven't seen in far too long.

Looper spoke to Kat Coiro for an exclusive interview where she recalled the epic stunt work Cox did on "She-Hulk" and how the crew added a little extra magic to his episodes. 

Cox is a daredevil IRL

We asked Kat Coiro if she had any fun stories from Charlie Cox's time on the show, and she shared her thoughts on his stuntwork — and that he won't be disappearing from the MCU any time soon. "Speaking to the future, Charlie now has his own series that Marvel is putting out with 18 episodes, so that's really exciting. He's such a joy to work with," Coiro said.

"When he jumps off the roof in the episode, he did that by himself and shocked everyone. He was like, 'Can I have a little pad?' Then suddenly, he flipped off the roof, and we were all like, 'Did Charlie just do that by himself?' He's so used to doing stunts for many years, but it took us all by surprise." Less surprising was how well Cox and Tatiana Maslany worked together: "Their chemistry is electric," Coiro said.

While it's clear that Cox loves his character and his work in the MCU, he's not the only one. "My one little fun story about that episode is our editor, Jamie, is the world's biggest 'Daredevil' fan," Coiro recalled. "Having her edit that episode, I feel like, gives it a special magic because she was in love with the character and in love with every little thing that he did and knows his history and added a layer to the whole episode."

The first season of "She-Hulk" is now streaming on Dinsey+.