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Jessica Jones Is In Chains In New Season 2 Photo

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Jessica Jones

Life post-murder might not be as great as Jessica Jones had hoped. A bundle of new photos (via ComicBookMovie) from the upcoming second season of Jessica Jones proves just that. 

The most intriguing snap from the bunch shows the hard-headed private investigator (Krysten Ritter) in chains, making a phone call from a police station. It's worth noting that Jessica isn't sporting an orange jumpsuit or a black-and-white-striped two-piece ensemble, instead wearing her standard gray tank top and ripped blue jeans, so she may not be incarcerated just yet. But she's definitely being restrained. Cuffs around her wrists connect to a metal link belt that sits just below her waist, and that looks to lead down to fetters around her ankles that shackle her legs together. 

Suffice it to say, the brooding, super-powered hero has clearly run afoul with the New York Police Department, and maybe she's finally facing consequences for slaying her tormenter Kilgrave (David Tennant). 

Three other photos were released alongside that one, featuring Jeri Hogarth (Carrie-Anne Moss) looking concerned and contemplative at a laptop, Trish (Rachel Taylor) and Malcolm (Eka Darville) patrolling the streets, and Jessica sitting at her desk, shooting someone pointed gaze as if to say, "Are you serious?"

Ritter and Jessica Jones showrunner Melissa Rosenberg previously explained that the series' second season will be far more personal than the first. "Jessica is in a pretty dark headspace when we meet her at the top of season 2. What we've done again is kept the story very personal. If season 1 was in her head and in her mind, then this season will be more in her heart. It's still a psychological thriller, but it's more of an emotional thriller this time," said Ritter. Rosenberg added, "She was somewhat of a mess even before Kilgrave came into her life, so [season 2] is about digging deeper into that chaos and peeling back those layers."

That said, the new season will be more bingeable as well. "I feel like it's a binge show big time," Ritter noted in a separate interview. "This season even more so than the last. Even as I'm getting the episodes and reading them on the page, they ramp up so much at the end that it's kinda hard to not want to just dive into the next one! So maybe try and savor it, but be prepared to cancel your weekend plans."

Jessica Jones will return to Netflix for season 2 on March 8.