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Here's When You Can Watch Terrifier 2 At Home

It's not easy making a sequel to a horror film. Many franchises have attempted to rekindle the haunting magic of their original nightmare-inducing concept only to fail over and over again. But certain follow-ups can resonate well with fans in more ways than one, which is exactly what Damien Leone's "Terrifier 2" has managed to accomplish. Fans wondering when the film will make its way to streaming finally have an answer.

Leone had a terrifying concept that kicked off the creation of Art the Clown (David Howard Thornton), the creepy clown featured in the "Terrifier" franchise constantly causing all sorts of bloody mayhem. The character began his reign of cinematic terror in a short film in 2008 called "The 9th Circle," but he would make his presence known more concretely in "Terrifier." It was in "Terrifier" that Art the Clown's presence prompted the folks at The Farsighted to praise his menacing efforts onscreen, claiming he made "Pennywise look like Krusty." After that, it was only a matter of time before Art would make his triumphant return in "Terrifier 2." 

Damien Leone tried so hard to top the first chapter in the "Terrifier" legacy, and it is safe to say he succeeded. On a budget of $250,000, "Terrifier 2" has surpassed all expectations, making over $5 million at the box office (via Box Office Mojo). There is a lot of hype surrounding the popular sequel, and many fans would like to know when they can watch the scary affair in the comfort of their own home.

Terrifier 2 is coming to streaming just in time for Halloween

Cinedigm and Bloody Disgusting announced to fans that "Terrifier 2" would be available on the streaming service Screambox starting on Monday, October 31st, 2022. Art the Clown will invade people's homes and terrorize their screens just in time for Halloween. Screambox is a horror streaming service with many classic titles and chilling originals. The platform offers an array of subscription options, including a free-with-ads tier that unlocks a limited amount of their catalog. They also offer a premium tier with no ads and access to every title they have. Their monthly plan costs $4.99, a 3-month choice runs for $11.99, and if consumers want to subscribe for the entire year, they can do so for $39.99. The first "Terrifier" film is also available on the streamer.

But anyone deciding to skip trick-or-treating or abandon all plans to party hard to watch the 138-minute "Terrifier" sequel should know this film is not for the weak or squeamish. Some moviegoers have vomited or passed out as a result of watching the harrowing endeavor, which the director called "surreal." Garnering this type of extreme reaction has probably got people interested, and curious fans out there who want to see what the "Terrifier 2" fuss is about will not have to leave their homes starting on Halloween.