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Terrifier 2's Director Has Mixed Feelings About Fans Getting Sick During The Movie

Damien Leone's first foray into clowning around with homicidal mayhem is a terrifying clown-related film many fans may not be aware of called "All Hallow's Eve," and some consider the horror director's first "Terrifier" feature that released in 2016 to be one of the best clown movies ever made. While both of those titles have proven to be a hit with viewers, Leone's sequel "Terrifier 2" is having a drastic effect on fans that isn't very healthy.

"Terrifier 2" had its red carpet premiere in New York on October 5th, 2022, and the film officially began its theatrical run two days later on October 7th (via Blood-Disgusting). The follow up chapter has Art the Clown resurrected to continue his onslaught of gore-filled chaos, and the sadistic jester has a new scream queen adversary in the form of Sienne Shaw, played by actress and franchise newcomer Lauren LaVera (via IMDb). The splatter-slasher motion picture even added professional wrestling star Chris Jericho in the mix (via SlashFilm), adding to the many reasons fans should experience the true terror of "Terrifier 2." 

While there is arguably plenty of mayhem to witness during the 138-minute runtime, the exquisite execution of grisly havoc is almost too chillingly effective. Anyone brave enough to see what this frightful sequel has to offer should be forewarned that it seems it may not be for anyone that considers themselves a bit squeamish around gruesome displays.

Damien Leone thinks the wretching reactions to Terrifier 2 are surreal

Several users on Twitter that saw Damien Leone's sequel have claimed people have fainted or vomited due to seeing "Terrifier 2" in theaters. @Bark_4KT wrote, "walking out theatre door I heard a guy puking hard & loud in the bathroom," and another tweet read, "my friend passed out and the theater called an ambulance. Highly recommended." The murderous antics of Art the Clown in the second "Terrifier" chapter are a bit too much to handle for certain cinema patrons, indicating that the follow up went out of its way to outdo its predecessor.

Fans know that director Damien Leone is notorious for not holding back when unleashing a smorgasbord of gore in almost every frame, so it isn't surprising that people are passing out or throwing up as a result of watching "Terrifier 2." When asked about these reactions, Leone told Entertainment Weekly, "Listen, I would have loved to have a couple of walk-outs, I think that's sort of a badge of honor because it is an intense movie. I don't want people fainting, getting hurt during the movie. But it's surreal."

Despite moviegoers losing consciousness and undigested food chunks hurling about, the second "Terrifier" film has had quite a successful run. The film has received impressive scores on Rotten Tomatoes and earned over $2 million at the box office. There is no denying that "Terrifier 2" lives up to its name and has significantly impacted fans in more ways than one.