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Kat Coiro Names The One Character That Kevin Feige Insisted On Appearing On She-Hulk - Exclusive

The following article contains major spoilers for the "She-Hulk" finale. 

When it comes to Disney+ season finales, "She-Hulk" literally Hulk smashes the MCU formula, and Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany) creates her own ending for the story. During this process, fans get quite a few cameos — between Abomination (Tim Roth), Wong (Benedict Wong), and Hulk himself (Mark Ruffalo). Yet at the end of the episode, fans get a surprise: a teenaged Hulk named Skaar, whom Bruce calls his son. It's unclear exactly when this development happened, but it's pulled right from the pages of Marvel Comics, and it will likely play a more significant story role down the line. 

With so many cameos to choose from, there was one cameo that Kevin Feige himself made sure to include in the "She-Hulk" finale. During an exclusive interview with Looper, Coiro named the one character that Feige insisted on making an appearance and teased what it could mean for the MCU. She also noted the one "She-Hulk" character she wanted in the finale.

A smashing cameo

No one expected to meet Skaar in the finale of "She-Hulk." When we asked how she reacted to the news, Kat Coiro shared her thoughts on how his appearance will affect the next stage of the MCU. "That was a Kevin [Feige] thing," she said. "I'm sure it's connected to something big that is coming, but I cannot tell you any of those answers. I just know that that was always a part of it, and it was just a little hint."

She was also mum about any notable moments that may have occurred while filming the scene with Hulk and his son. "As brief as it was for the audience, it was almost as brief shooting it, because the idea is to introduce the character but not give anything away," she said. "Mark [Ruffalo] is such a pleasure to have on set and brings so much, and you completely understand why he is the superstar that he is." 

It's no secret that "She-Hulk" showcases more than a few epic cameos, Ruffalo's Hulk included. There are plenty of reasons why Disney+ shows might not be able to use a specific character, so we asked if Coiro had anyone in mind for the show that they weren't able to snag or a bucket list for a Season 2.

"I petitioned early on to have Madisynn come back in the finale. I think Madisynn and Wong should have their own show," she said. "Our level of cameos was just right because it was enough. Part of the great thinking about being on a legal show is that you have a superhuman law division, so all of these people coming through the doors felt very organic. It never felt like a cameo just for the sake of a cameo."

Jessica Gao was on the same page as Coiro when we interviewed her for the show's debut — and Gao even wants a Madisynn and Wong holiday special. Who wants to start a petition to make that happen?

Season 1 of "She-Hulk" is now streaming on Disney+.