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Image Comics' Geiger Is Being Adapted For TV

Geoff Johns is one of the most pivotal figures in the modern world of comic books and superheroes. Having worked with major DC characters like Green Lantern and Superman, the writer has had a hand in bringing many iconic heroes to a new generation of fans (via DC). However, outside of these more established characters, Johns has dabbled in creating fictional worlds of his own.

One of these is the Image Comics series "Geiger," which Johns co-created with Gary Frank. The series follows a dangerous man living in the wastelands following a future nuclear strike who goes by the name of Geiger, among other monikers. Initially launched in 2021, the series is still ongoing today, unfolding one dark chapter after another in a grim new world where survivors scrounge and scratch to survive (via Image Comics). If you're already a fan of the series, we've got good news for you, as it looks like "Geiger" will be coming to the small screen in a television adaptation with Johns' involvement.

Creator Geoff Johns will be showrunner on Geiger

According to Deadline, "Geiger" is being developed as a new series for Paramount Television Studios. Geoff Johns will be adapting his comic alongside Justin Simien and will also be serving as the showrunner. Furthermore, Johns will also be writing the pilot for the new series. The series will follow the titular character, Tariq Geiger (most likely named after the Geiger counter used to track radiation), as he attempts to provide for his family following a nuclear blast and protect them from the threats that stalk the wastelands of the future timeline.

Johns will be serving as executive producer on the series alongside co-creator Gary Frank and Jamie Iracleanos of Mad Ghost Productions. While there's no word on when shooting will start or when the series will be released, "Geiger" fans can no doubt take comfort in the fact that the series is being so closely overseen by its two creators.