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Andi Matichak Weighs In On Allyson's Future After Halloween Ends

The following article contains spoilers for "Halloween Ends."

After appearing in director David Gordon Green's 2018 "Halloween," the follow-up "Halloween Kills" and 2022's climactic "Halloween Ends," Andi Matichak's character Allyson has the blood-soaked cinematic honor to be one of the uber-survivors present as the (alleged) final curtain falls on this so-far deathless film franchise. Launched with director John Carpenter's iconic, eponymous 1978 horror masterpiece, the murderous movie series took on a life of its own in the following decades, spawning multiple incarnations, wildly divergent narrative arcs, and equally distinct critical and audience responses.

In "Halloween Ends," horror fans are at long last treated to the last-really-this-time-we-promise-very-last encounter between the mega-series' original heroine Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and masked boogeyman Michael Myers/The Shape (James Jude Courtney). As the ultimate coup de gras confrontation between Michael and Laurie plays out in trademark, breathtaking "Halloween" fashion, Laurie's granddaughter Allyson arrives in the nick of time to pitch in on offing this until-now unkillable bad guy. So, after playing the character who helps terminate one of the most memorable and long-lived villains in the history of motion pictures, how does Matichak feel about Allyson's future now that "Halloween Ends" has concluded?

Andi Matichak is guardedly optimistic about Allyson's future

In her recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Andi Matichak was asked if she thinks Allyson will be able to be happy, fall in love, and basically ever live a normal life after what she experiences in her three outings in this latest "Halloween" trilogy. "That's the hope," the actress responded. But she went on to add that "After all the pain and trauma that she went through, she won't be able to forget or pretend that it doesn't exist, or just shove it aside and act like it never happened."

Matichak then explained that while the terrifying memories of what happened will never fade away, she tries to be optimistic that it won't filter into all of Allyson's life choices in the future. "It'll always be living in her," the actress said, "And hopefully, her vulnerability doesn't affect all her decisions and relationships going forward." She expanded on her comments to say that Allyson will clearly face an uphill struggle as she confronts her troubled past, but that there's a chance that what didn't kill her will, in fact, make her stronger, concluding that for Allyson, "Maybe it can be helpful at times."