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Harrison Ford's Casting As Thunderbolt Ross Has MCU Fans Buzzing About Finally Seeing Red Hulk

Hulk mania has taken over the MCU with seemingly no shortage of rage monsters to delight fans. Eric Bana, Edward Norton, and Mark Ruffalo have all taken on the role of Bruce Banner in a myriad of different projects, but 2022 has seen more Hulks than ever before. Finally, after his previous appearance in "The Incredible Hulk," Tim Roth reprises his role as Emil Blonsky for the first time. 

After being the subject of an experiment gone wrong, Abomination goes from Bruce's nemesis in "The Incredible Hulk" to someone who just likes writing haikus in "She-Hulk." The focus of the series lies on Abomination's rehabilitation as he teams up with titular Hulk Jennifer Walters (Tatiana Maslany). Juggling work, a social life, and the patriarchy, Jen struggles to see if she really can have it all after an accident grants her Hulky powers.

And if that weren't enough Hulk content, it seems there is even more coming down the pipeline. After the devastating death of William Hurt, it was unclear if fans would ever get to see Red Hulk in live action. But now, with the new casting of Harrison Ford in the role, fans are more optimistic than ever.

Fans think recasting Thunderbolt Ross was a dead giveaway

It has been over a decade since William Hurt first appeared onscreen as Thunderbolt Ross, and fans are getting antsy. Appearing in many subsequent "Avengers" films as well as "Black Widow," viewers have yet to see Ross turn into Bruce's villainous adversary. We have witnessed the gift of Tim Roth's Abomination and even the introduction of new Hulk character Skaar in the "She-Hulk" finale. But according to fans on Twitter, the absence of Red Hulk is about to be rectified. The casting of Harrison Ford was more telling than any other news could be.

"I don't think they would've recast Ross if they didn't have concrete plans to do Red Hulk very soon," noted @V2Jake. Some fans were delighted at the prospect of the "Indiana Jones" star joining the MCU. "The mental image of Harrison Ford sounding tired as Red Hulk is hilarious," posted @ANateForFate. But others were reasonably concerned about the future of the popular character. @VladVinny couldn't help but note that the MCU better hop on Red Hulk sooner rather than later due to Ford's age. But while there is anxiety that Ford can only play Red Hulk for so long, all of this chatter points to one conclusion: Red Hulk is probably happening. And with technology advancing as it is, Ford playing Red Hulk should be no problem at all.