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Quantum Leap Reboot Scores A First Season Extension

NBC's "Quantum Leap" revival has only been on television for about a month now, and network execs are already liking what they're seeing. According to reports, the sci-fi series is getting a first season extension, meaning viewers will get to go on even more time travel adventures with Raymond Lee's Dr. Ben Song. 

"Quantum Leap" managed to attract an impressive 3.35 million viewers among adults 18-49 for its premiere and has continued to bring in at least 2.5 million viewers for each episode since (per ShowBuzzDaily). Created by Donald P. Bellisario and set 30 years after the original series with Scott Bakula ended, NBC's revival instead focuses on Dr. Song — a physicist who enters the Quantum Leap accelerator and accidentally becomes a time jumper while investigating the case of Bakula's Sam Beckett. Ben is joined by supporting characters Ian Wright (Mason Alexander Park), Jenn Chou (Nanrisa Lee), Addison Augustine (Caitlin Bassett), and Herbert "Magic" Williams (Ernie Hudson)

"It made sense to be a continuation that honors the old show but also have a low bar for entry for new viewers," explained showrunner Martin Gero at the NBC virtual Television Critics Association press day last month (via SyFy). "We want all of the rabid fans to return and have it feel like 'Quantum Leap.' But it's an evolution." 

While "Quantum Leap" fans and TV viewers may be the most important target audience for the NBC reboot, it was ultimately the network execs that had to be impressed in order to get enough episodes allotted — which is exactly what happened. 

Quantum Leap Season 1 will now have 18 episodes

According to The Hollywood Reporter, "Quantum Leap" will be getting a six-episode extension for Season 1 that will now push it forward into 2023. The total episode count is said to be 18 episodes, with each one having an emphasis on character development and a more serialized aspect to them as requested by NBC and studio execs.

"The idea was to be balanced in telling both stories but the series is mostly about Ben's leaps," Martin Gero said at the September press day (via SyFy). But don't expect Raymond Lee and Dr. Ben Song to play second fiddle. "As the season gets going, if there's a huge leap event we will see more of the HQ team, but they will only be 40% of any episode," Gero explained. "It's primarily about the leaps."

While there are many similarities between the two "Quantum Leap" shows, the 2022 team made sure to have several new things stand out about their take on time travel. "It will be done like having a different view of the past," Gero told reporters. "Why Ben left is the big question for the season that we will answer. And I think it's ... satisfying and great."

Those looking to stream or watch "Quantum Leap" can find the series on NBC each Monday night and then Peacock the following day.