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How My Best Friend's Exorcism Gave Christopher Lowell Closure After GLOW's Cancellation - Exclusive

For three seasons, Netflix's "GLOW," a fictionalized account of the founding of the 1980s professional wrestling show "Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling," was adored by critics and audiences alike. Fans were thrilled when the series was renewed for a fourth and final season. Unfortunately, when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production, Netflix reversed its decision, abruptly cancelling "GLOW" before its time. Among those who were disappointed was Christopher Lowell, who played Bash Howard, the producer and ring-side announcer of "GLOW."

Given the circumstances, it's good to see Lowell return to the '80s for "My Best Friend's Exorcism." As Christian Lemon, an enthusiastic body builder for Christ and giddily eager amateur exorcist, Lowell provides the comic relief in an otherwise terrifying tale of demon possession. In a conversation with Looper, Lowell shared how going back to the '80s with "My Best Friend's Exorcism" gave him closure after the end of "GLOW."

The 'gift' of My Best Friend's Exorcism

The cancellation of "GLOW," which Lowell called "one of the great roles of my career," was "devastating" for the actor and the rest of the show's cast and crew. As a result, "My Best Friend's Exorcism" offered a unique opportunity. "In a way, when 'My Best Friend's Exorcism' came along, it was a gift for me because it gave me an opportunity to have one last ride in this insane '80s world where I could essentially do all the craziest s*** I could still think of that I didn't get to do on 'GLOW,' [which] I got to do here," Lowell revealed.

Some of the stuff he didn't get to do on "GLOW" included taking to the stage as a wrestler. But as a body builder in "My Best Friend's Exorcism" all his dreams of came true. "Throughout the time we were shooting 'GLOW,' I would always bug Liz [Flahive] and Carly [Mensch], the creators, about, 'Can we get Bash in there somehow to do some kind of crazy-ass wrestling thing?' It never really made sense," Lowell remembered. "I would always watch the women on the show do these insane stunts in the ring and was always wanting to do it myself. What was nice about this is, in 'My Best Friend's Exorcism,' I get to do a lot of that physicality. I'm hoisting barbells above my head, and I get to be the over-the-top performer that got to be on stage on that show."

Looking back, Lowell was thrilled to be able to revisit the physical theatricality and '80s setting of "GLOW" with "My Best Friend's Exorcism." "It was a real gift," Lowell reflected. "It actually gave me a lot of closure that I didn't expect."

"My Best Friend's Exorcism" is available on Prime Video.