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Niko Terho Has An Unexpected Take On What It's Like Being On The Set Of Grey's Anatomy

"Grey's Anatomy" has blazed quite a trail of success for ABC. The medical drama has been airing for a staggering 19 seasons on the network. Even though its star Ellen Pompeo is stepping back a bit from the series, the Grey Sloane Memorial Hospital has no shortage of new recruits stepping in to fill the void. One of the newest is Lucas Adams (Niko Terho), and he arrived on the series with a shocking reveal in tow.

That's right, Lucas is related to the late Dr. Derek Shepard (Patrick Dempsey), and while that might not be enough to give the first-year surgical resident a free ride, the revelation that Lucas is Shepard's nephew definitely made an impact on the fandom (via Cinema Blend). While his cocky demeanor and overconfidence haven't made the newbie popular with everyone he works with at the hospital, he has learned some valuable lessons already. Meanwhile, Niko Terho, who portrays the character, has his own observations about his experience on the set of "Grey's Anatomy."

Niko Terho likens the set of Grey's to a theme park

Niko Terho might be new to "Grey's Anatomy," but that didn't stop the actor from weighing in on what it's like to be on the set of ABC's flagship medical drama. In a video that introduced some of the newer characters while also setting up the stakes for Season 19, Terho gushed about being cast in the series (via Deadline). "For me, every day going on to set — I liken it to going to Disney World when you're first a kid and stepping into the kingdom," the actor explained enthusiastically.

That certainly sounds like quite the experience, and it's easy to see why Terho might feel that way. Given that the actor has only been in the game since 2019 and has had roles in much smaller projects up until now (via IMDb), joining the massive world of "Grey's Anatomy" must be quite the shift. It's good to know that the young star is enjoying his experience thus far, and fans can no doubt look for more of the character across the remainder of Season 19.