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What Makes Nix Unique As A Horror Film, According To Director Anthony C. Ferrante - Exclusive

Movie genres have fallen in and out of favor throughout pop-culture history — yet while Westerns, rom-coms, and sci-fi films haven't always been popular, the fervor around horror never seems to waiver. But that doesn't mean the genre hasn't changed over the years. No one knows that better than director Anthony C. Ferrante, who started his career helming horror movies like "Boo," "Headless Horseman," and "Hansel & Gretel," and then mixed horror with hilarity with the over-the-top cult classic "Sharknado" and its five sequels.

When Ferrante decided to return to his horror roots for his movie "Nix," he wanted to make the story as meaningful as the title monster was scary. The result is a film that centers on a family caught in a cycle of grief and despair — and the creature that keeps them trapped there. It's a movie that comments on the human condition even as it terrifies. In an exclusive conversation with Looper, Ferrante discussed why he feels "Nix" is a unique entry in the horror genre.

'Digging deep with the drama'

When recalling his early career, Anthony Ferrante noted, "I started off wanting to be the horror guy, and I got to do that." But more recently, he's found the horror genre has been less appealing to him than it used to be. "I have to admit, a lot of horror movies ... a lot of stuff is kind of the same thing," Ferrante explained. "That's why I've veered off and done other projects."

"Nix," however, offered Ferrante an opportunity to dive back into horror while delving into real human drama. "['Nix'] was a chance to do something that was different," Ferrante shared. "I wanted to say something. I wanted to get a reaction out of someone more than just being a horror film. And the hat trick I keep telling people that I'm surprised we pulled off is that, for a horror movie, it's strangely emotional."

He continued, "Most horror movies that come out ... they feel very distant. They're afraid to dig into those emotions. It's just face value at times, or you have these nihilistic characters that are [like], 'Millennials don't care about anything,' whatever that is. I think ['Nix' is] timeless in the sense that it works [in] any time period because it's not trying to be one thing; it's trying to be its own thing. I like some of those movies that we're talking about; I'm just saying that I don't see people digging that deep sometimes."

For Ferrante, digging deep was the point of "Nix." "Getting to do other things in different genres has made me more aware of other things, so when we got to 'Nix,' digging deep with the drama on top of it, I was ready for it," Ferrante reflected. "That's some of the stuff that I really, really enjoyed doing with this movie."

"Nix" is available on all major digital platforms.