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Jason Momoa Gets Dreamy In The New Trailer For Slumberland

With Netflix pioneering the release of original movies, you can expect a certain level of quality to them that continues to rise as time goes on. This expectation appears to be met with the upcoming film, "Slumberland," becoming available to stream on Friday, November 18, 2022. The movie that mixes fantasy with reality is directed by Francis Lawrence, known for his work on "I Am Legend," "Constantine," and multiple "The Hunger Games" films. Jason Momoa headlines the cast, jumping into the role of Flip, a large half-man/half-animal guide who leads newcomer/costar Marlow Barkley, who plays the lead character, Nemo. Adding to the talent pool is Kyle Chandler, recognized from "Friday Night Lights," who takes on the role of Nemo's father, along with "Bridesmaids" funnyman Chris O'Dowd. 

"Slumberland," which is based on comic strips written by cartoonist Winsor McCay, follows a young girl named Nemo (Barkley) who has tragically lost her father, Peter (Chandler), to a storm at sea. After being forced to then live with her estranged uncle, Nemo is taken into a world called "Slumberland," which exists in her dreams. She is guided by the creature Flip (Momoa), who claims he can help her see her father again. The newly released trailer dives right into the close relationship Nemo had with her father and how devastating it must be for her to lose him. However, as the trailer moves on, hope mixed with fantasy is surely on the horizon.

Slumberland will take you on a dreamy journey

"Slumberland," a new fantasy original film from Netflix, will be made available for streaming in November, and the new trailer lends viewers a taste of the magic and imagination the lead character, Nemo, will experience throughout her journey. The trailer kicks off with Nemo being forced to enter a private school following the tragic death of her father. Nemo now lives with her uncle (O'Dowd), who reveals his childhood relationship with her father and how they were all about going on adventures. Well, come bedtime, adventure is exactly what's in store for Nemo, as she is whisked away to "Slumberland" and meets her guide, Flip, a character her father spoke about during his past bedtime stories.

The trailer then gives audiences a peek at the world of "Slumberland," a place where fantasies and dreams come to life in an instant, sometimes resembling an "Inception"-like metamorphosis of an entire city. But, despite all the non-reality possibilities, Nemo it is dead-set on her only goal, a chance to see her father again. As the trailer goes on, we are shown that there are also consequences to breaking rules in "Slumberland" and Nemo's time there does, in fact, have a limit. The last moments of this montage hint that despite the obstacles Nemo is going to face, she will continue to push forward to see her father again, while her guide, Flip, makes sure she has some fun along the way.