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Jason Beghe Gets Candid About Working With Anne Heche On Chicago P.D.

One of Anne Heche's later performances was in "Chicago P.D." The actress appeared in 11 episodes in the series, portraying Deputy Superintendent for the Chicago Police Department Katherine Brennan, in the sixth and seventh seasons (via IMDb). The "Six Days Seven Nights" star died at 53 after a car crash in Los Angeles on August 5, 2022 (via Deadline). 

After her passing, her "Chicago P.D." costars took to social media to remember the actress. "This is so sad. I was fortunate to work with her briefly on #ChicagoPD She truly elevated the show. A joy to be around on and off screen. May she RIP," Jon Seda, who portrays Antonio Dawson, posted to Instagram. "Anne was such a kind person. Always generous. Always funny," actor Jesse Lee Soffer, who plays Jay Halstead, also posted.  

Heche was known in the '90s for appearing in major films like "I Know What You Did Last Summer" and "Wag the Dog," but she later moved on to TV, appearing as a regular in shows like HBO's "Hung" and the short-lived series "The Brave." During Heche's run on "Chicago P.D.," actor Jason Beghe, who stars as Hank Voight, got candid about working with the actress.

Jason Beghe got to experiment in scenes with Anne Heche

In September 2018, Jason Beghe sat with GiveMeMyRemoteTV to chat about "Chicago P.D." When asked about working with Anne Heche on the show, the actor had nothing but praise for her.

Beghe said he and Heche were allowed to do many takes together, creating scenes as they moved. "It's a treat to have her ... We get to do a lot of takes and try a lot of different things, and that's a lot of fun with a terrific actor. And she's happy and willing," he said. Beghe also revealed how impressed he was with Heche's commitment to the craft, suggesting that an actress with her experience might be a little less enthusiastic. "With her resume, she could be jaded as hell and she just isn't. She's out there really doing her best," he said. The "Chicago P.D." team-up was a reunion for the actors, who portrayed John and Amanda Hayes in a number of episodes of "Everwood" in 2005.