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Meghan Markle Takes Some Classic Movies To Task Over Harmful Stereotypes

Meghan Markle has long been an advocate for social change. The Duchess of Sussex has been fighting for feminism, deriding sexism and racism, and generally striving to make the world a better place in any way she can ever since she spoke out against a problematic Ivory television commercial when she was only a child (via People).

Though Markle rose to prominence starring in the USA legal drama "Suits," she has since shot to worldwide fame following her romance and subsequent wedding to Prince Harry. Never one to be defined by her relationship with a man, though, The Duchess of Sussex continues to speak out against prejudice and injustice at every opportunity, especially since leaving the Royal Family.

On her Spotify podcast, "Archetypes," the former actor has routinely tackled the labels and judgments that hold women back from advancing in society. The latest episode has focused on a Hollywood stereotype that Markle finds particularly harmful.

Markle calls out the dragon lady stereotype of Asian women

Meghan Markle sat down with comedian Margaret Cho and journalist Lisa Ling on the most recent episode of "Archetypes" to discuss the "dragon lady," a stereotype that targets Asian women, often demeaning or denigrating them in the process. "Movies like 'Austin Powers' and 'Kill Bill' — they presented these caricatures of women of Asian descent as oversexualized or aggressive," Markle said.

A "dragon lady" is generally defined as an Asian femme fatale who uses violence and sexuality to either kill or manipulate men in order to get ahead (via TV Tropes). "This toxic stereotyping of women of Asian descent...this doesn't just end once the credits roll" the Duchess went on.

Markle went on to introduce sociologist Nancy Wang Yuen who recalled being harassed in an airport by a man who yelled lines from Stanley Kubrick's Vietnam war film "Full Metal Jacket" at her. "I myself have been propositioned in an airport in Atlanta of all places by a stranger who said, 'Me so horny,' just yelled it out to me," Yuen said (via Deadline).

The infamous line, said by an Asian sex worker in the film, is followed by the phrase "Me love you long time," and has gone to be quoted in shows like "South Park," "Family Guy," and movies like "The 40-Year Old Virgin," and "Tommy Boy," (via Esquire). It has long been seen as problematic, and the fact that Asian women still are having it yelled at them over 30 years after the release of "Full Metal Jacket" pretty much proves the point that Markle and co. discussed.