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Why Queen Kane's Shaved Head On See Means More Than You Might Think

The dystopian Apple TV+ drama "See" has entered its final chapter, and there is no shortage of characters who we want to see come out of the explosive finale alive and well. There are also plenty of characters who are not really likable, but whose depth and particular idiosyncrasies make them a pleasure to watch regardless. Queen Sibeth Kane, portrayed exquisitely by Sylvia Hoeks, is one such person. Despite being a villain, Sibeth is a key player who makes the whole game much more riveting.

When we meet Queen Kane in Season 1, she's ruling over the city of Kanzua. From the very first moment that she graces our screens, she makes an impression; for better or worse, it's impossible for any viewer to feel indifferent to her. What some fans might not know, however, is that Hoeks had a major say in some of the characteristics we've come to associate with the Payan Queen.

Actress Sylvia Hoeks came up with Queen Kane's haircut herself

An actor's influence over their character's physical appearance varies from show to show, and from actor to actor. Sylvia Hoeks, for example, had a big impact on Queen Kane's look: In a 2018 interview with Collider, Hoeks explained that Kane's shaved head was her idea. 

"For me, it's a transformation into two sides of the character," Hoeks said. "Finding her vulnerability and her loneliness, and on the other hand, finding her strength." Indeed, from the first few episodes on, we understand that the intimidating queen hides quite a bit of pain behind her regal façade.

The shaved head that Kane dons like a battle helmet is not only indicative of her internal torment, but also marks her as a figure of strength and authority. "When I read the first script, when I read her story, I felt her pain and the dominance; the way she comes across and the way she looks," Hoeks said to Villain Media in 2019. "With her shaved head, it's forceful, strong, but it's also meant to be very vulnerable ... In the back of her head, behind her hair, there's actually a prayer that she could touch. That was the more religious aspect of that."

As the series has progressed, Kane has allowed her hair to grow. As of Season 3, her brown tresses are nearly shoulder-length. Like other characters, Sibeth has evolved and undergone her own character arc. However, hair or no hair, don't you dare turn your back on the eldest Kane; she will show you no mercy.