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Station 19 Fans Will See Jack In An Emotionally Dark Place In Season 6

"Grey's Anatomy" has been a seriously huge hit for ABC. Not only has the series aired for 19 seasons on the network, but it has also been successful enough to garner two spin-offs in the form of "Private Practice" and "Station 19." While "Private Practice" wrapped up in 2013 after six seasons, "Station 19" is still going strong as it heads into its own sixth season.

Focusing on the firefighting crew at the titular fire hall in Seattle, "Station 19" offers more thrilling action and deadlier stakes than the previous two series, as firefighters are often first responders to some of the most dangerous situations occurring on a daily basis all over North America (via CBS News).

One of the central characters of "Station 19" is Jack Gibson (Grey Damon). The lieutenant has been in all six seasons of the series thus far and has struggled at times due to the harsh childhood he had growing up in the foster care system. However, Season 6 will see the character in a very dark place, according to showrunner Krista Vernoff.

Jack will quit firefighting in Season 6

Krista Vernoff offered updates on where the characters were at in Season 6 of "Station 19" and what they were dealing with, and it would seem that Jack Gibson is not doing very well as the latest batch of episodes kicks things off (via TV Insider). Jack is struggling badly after finding out that, while he was forced to live his young life in the foster care system, many of his siblings were kept by his birth parents, allowing them to live more stable lives.

Though the character is indeed returning for Season 6 of "Station 19", the showrunner explained that he would not be the same. "When we find him, he's [no longer] a firefighter, and struggling with this emotional fallout," Vernoff explained. While there are several other characters in the series facing their own demons as the show returns, the threat of a tornado will force many of them to unite in order to stave off the destruction and help the victims of the natural disaster. How the crew of "Station 19" will face this crisis without Jack to help them out, though, remains to be seen.