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The Official Trailer For Yellowstone Season 5 Teases Something We Always Hoped For The Duttons

In May of 2022, cameras officially started rolling on "Yellowstone" Season 5. Over the course of its four seasons released thus far, "Yellowstone" has become one of the more popular present day prestige TV series, especially among those whose predominate TV service is a traditional cable subscription, which remains the only real way to watch new episodes when they premiere. Anticipation for Season 5, then, is high among the show's growing fanbase.

Notably, Season 5 will premiere with a couple of changes to its cast. Among theseĀ "Yellowstone" Season 5 casting developments, actor Josh Lucas will be back as a young John Dutton for the first time since Season 2, while Mo actor Mo Brings Plenty and Lynelle Perry actor Wendy Moniz are now series regulars.

Fans got their first, brief look at what the upcoming season might look like in a "Yellowstone" Season 5 teaser released in August of 2022. Now, the first proper trailer for the next installment of "Yellowstone" is here, and it hints at a plot development about which many viewers will be happy regarding the Duttons.

All members of the Dutton family are on the same side again

The first full trailer for "Yellowstone" Season 5 opens on the ceremonial swearing in of John Dutton (Kevin Costner) as the Governor of Montana, a position he pursued in Season 4. Present at this ceremony are his children Jamie (Wes Bentley) and Beth (Kelly Reilly). In the next sequence, as Governor, John promptly fires everyone at a staff meeting before hiring Beth to work with him. Some shots of Jamie over dialogue about how John will need allies in his governmental seat imply that Jamie is working with John in some capacity as well, which is then corroborated by footage of Jamie advising both Beth and his father.

Meanwhile, youngest son Kayce (Luke Grimes) vaguely refers to taking action for his dad later on in the trailer. Just like that, then, following some inter-family discord in seasons past, it appears that the Dutton family will all be on the same side, at least as of Season 5's start.

That said, in a Season 5 preview for Entertainment Weekly, Grimes invoked showrunner Taylor Sheridan's penchant for plot twists. "He knows how to make this show just take every twist and turn it possibly could, and to keep it so fresh," Grimes said. So, while "Yellowstone" Season 5 may bring some long-needed serenity to the Dutton household, that may not hold for long.