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How Fans Feel About Wolverine And Deadpool Coming Together In The MCU

How do film fans react when two of the most fan-crushed Marvel characters in the history of Marvel-dom are tossed into a cinematic landscape already bulging at the seams with more superhero franchises than you can shake a foam-muscle-padded latex onesie at?

Well, considering the above duo-to-be consists of claws-a-poppin' mustelid-man Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and snark-slinging Merc with a Mouth Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds), let's assume fan response to their joining forces in the forthcoming "Deadpool 3" falls into the "Hey, this looks swell" category. The question then narrows down to just how swell movie-goers imagine this shiny new super-bro buddy flick will turn out.

At first glance, the concept of setting these two super-disruptive supes loose in the same movie seems like a recipe for unmitigated pandemonium, which, one can only hope, is exactly the intended result. And, if fan comments about the pending Wolverine-Deadpool BFFery are anything to go by, lobbing these two wildly popular, surprisingly resistant-to-damage guys into the next outing in the Deadpool-verse is a match made in Marvel heaven.

Fans are shipping the Wolverine and Deadpool team-up

As seen in this video shared by Ryan Reynolds, the Deadpool actor is joined by Hugh Jackman to say that yes, they are starring in the next "Deadpool" film and that fans likely have questions. For instance, they promise to reveal how Wolverine can be alive after he dies in "Logan" — a promise they fail to keep in hilariously goofy Deadpool style. Fans commenting on the video seem unanimously stoked.

Tyran King93, for instance, declared, "The level of excitement I feel to see these two in a film together as Wolverine and Deadpool is insurmountable." For fan Charlie Petricor, the obvious chemistry between the two actors portends only good things for the upcoming Marvel romp: "If Deadpool and Logan's relationship is anything like Ryan and Hugh's friendship we're in for a joyride." And user Knights of Ren 17 chimed in to say, "These guys coming back together as my two favorite marvel characters is just everything ... I can't wait for this movie!!"

Even "Logan" director James Mangold had a response to the Wolverine-Deadpool pairing, tweeting a wordless gif of Wolverine dying in the earlier film. While some took this as a negative shot at the new movie, Mangold quickly tweeted out his blessing for the film, saying, "Oh my gosh! Everybody chill. ... LOGAN will always be there," then adding that no matter how "Deadpool 3" explains Wolverine's resurrection, "I'm all good!"