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Who Is Deadpool's Greatest Enemy?

Superheroes are all the rage in multiple mediums, from comics to TV and especially blockbuster films, thanks to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. One of the characters that fans pined for years to see hit the big screen was the "Merc with the Mouth." While Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool, made a less than loved appearance in the maligned X-Men film, "X-Men Origins: Wolverine," his real debut on the big screen came in the long-awaited Ryan Reynolds passion project, "Deadpool."

His initial outing saw an origin story involving Ajax putting him in a tank that caused him immense pain until his dormant mutation sparked along with his resulting quest for revenge. The film brought his trademark witty mouth, and he constantly broke the fourth wall, creating a feeling that he was ripped straight from the comics. The result was a beloved outing that demanded a sequel.

With a third film on the way from Disney, who acquired the rights for the property to allow the character to enter the MCU, speculation has begun about who the villain will be. Like most superheroes, Deadpool has a healthy list of enemies for the MCU to choose from. But who is Deadpool's worst enemy?

He has a long list of enemies

Deadpool has found himself on the wrong side of plenty of character's ire and created a long list of enemies who would love to find ways to subvert his ability to heal. While we saw Ajax (Ed Skrein) in the first film and Cable (Josh Brolin) along with a giant CGI Juggernaught in the follow-up, "Deadpool 2," there is a long list of characters that would call themselves his worst enemy.

Deadpool's list of enemies includes Allison Kemp, a former FBI Agent crippled by a bomb set off by the "Merc with a Mouth. There's also Black Swan, a hitman angry at him for taking credit away from him. Rounding out the list includes characters we've already seen in the MCU, such as Taskmaster, Crossbones, and even Thanos. While the first two could be considered enemies, they couldn't be considered his worst. However, there are three that could possibly land at the top of that list. The first is Evil Deadpool, a clone created by discarded limbs and body parts of Deadpool that joined together to create an evil alternative version. He is the mirror of Wilson but takes the psychosis to a new level.

The second choice is T-Ray, who is considered Deadpool's arch nemesis. He believes himself to be the real Wade Wilson, and Deadpool is an imposter who commits crimes in his name. One of those crimes was the murder of T-Ray's wife, putting him at odds with the character for all time. While both of those are excellent choices for the worst enemy Deadpool has, they both fall short of one person.

He becomes his own enemy

At the end of the day, nobody does more damage to Deadpool than Wade Wilson. While watching Ryan Reynolds use his witty banter to annoy the other characters in the film is so entertaining that it is hard to see anyone else try, it puts Wilson on the wrong side of many tempers. Ajax zeroes in on him more than others due to his constant pestering in "Deadpool." Black Swan wants to kill him for taking credit for his kills. And let's be honest, stealing someone else's identity is right up Wade Wilson's alley, especially if it was for a joke.

However, it isn't only villains that want to take Deadpool down. Even characters like Spider-Man, X-Men, and other heroes find themselves facing off against the anti-hero for his machinations. Regardless of whether it is the right thing to do or he just wants to be difficult, Wade Wilson puts himself at odds with almost any character in the Marvel Universe at some point.

The ability to be your own worst enemy is a common problem in today's world, and Wade Wilson found a way to become a humorous satire of that exact human nature. Every superhero has a supervillain that can match wits, match strength, or force a hero into an unwinnable situation. Deadpool is unique in that his own self-destructive ways created the opportunity for him to become his own worst enemy.