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How The Last Of Us' Pedro Pascal Behaves On Set, According To Bella Ramsey

Although it may seem like most video game-based movies and television series seem to be destined for failure from the moment they're first conceived, there's no question that HBO's "The Last of Us" has found a cheat code to buck that trend. There's plenty of reasons that could be given as to why the series has been such a success, but many fans agree that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey's portrayals of tormented survivor Joel and teenager Ellie are particularly bright spots. As with the original game, watching the unlikely duo forge a close bond amid an anguish-filled, post-apocalyptic world has served as the emotional core of the series.

Pascal and Ramsey may have effective chemistry as their characters in "The Last of Us," but some viewers may be wondering about what the pair's real-world dynamic was like while they were filming on set. As it turns out, Ramsey has a lot to say about Pascal's on-set behavior, and all of it is incredibly positive.

Ramsey says that Pascal is extremely kind and generous

During an interview with Screen Rant, Bella Ramsey explained that working with Pedro Pascal was an incredibly fun experience from start to finish. She noted that what really stands out about Pascal's personality is his overwhelming generosity. "Working with Pedro was so fun. He's hilarious. He's probably one of the funniest people I've ever met," Ramsey said. "He's also incredibly generous. That's the word that comes to mind when I think of Pedro. He's so generous with his words, with his time, and with his actions. He's just a super cool person to be around, and he definitely made the set a fun place to be."

Ramsey went on to fondly recall the numerous conversations she had with Pascal while filming. As it happens, the pair were particularly able to bond over their shared "Game of Thrones" experience. On top of the fact that Ramsey's high praise certainly makes Pascal sound like an incredible coworker and friend, it's evident that the behind-the-scenes friendship they've struck up has translated well to the small screen.

Ramsey and Pascal were in their own world throughout the shoot

In emulating Joel and Ellie's close bond from the "Last of Us" video games, Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey relied on each other heavily while filming the HBO adaptation. Pascal himself confirmed as much during an interview with Entertainment Weekly, sharing that their mutual confusion and sense of unease during the extensive shoot led them to become close friends in no time. "We never stopped being scared or [were] convinced that we were getting it right, but at least we could rely on each other without question," he shared.

Pascal also mentions that his bond with Ramsey came with a side effect, as their directors sometimes had trouble getting through to them. He recalled, "There was so much time we got to spend together on set that it was almost weird when we weren't together, as far as shooting was concerned. There was this fascinating thing that would happen. We were just kind of in our own bubble no matter what." Ramsey agreed with this assessment, noting that they looked out for each other when the going got tough since no one else on set could fully comprehend what their struggles were.

Ramsey and Pascal would often make each other laugh on set

"The Last of Us" may deal with some pretty dark and depressing subject matter, but it seems that Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey actually spent a lot of of their shared time on set trying not to burst out laughing. When asked about one of his fondest memories from set by Augustman, Pascal responded: "For me, it is those attacks of the giggles. I start to think about what I hear being suppressed in Bella's throat, like a fungal disease the contagiousness of the laughter was brutal."

Ramsey echoed a similar answer, noting that the duo were most prone to making each other laugh while trying to film some of the most gut-wrenching scenes in the show. As the actress recalled, the pair would break "while talking about our characters' dead family members. It would start as a little giggle and then would really grow."

By all accounts, it seems that Pascal and Ramsey got along swimmingly on set, and even helped lighten the emotional load on each other when filming got particularly intense. That positive dynamic between the two lead actors will hopefully continue whenever "The Last of Us" Season 2 finally commences filming.